What is a Fun Sponge?

My blog name is quite long....perhaps I should have just made it LWFS but hey ho.

A Fun Sponge is exactly what it sounds like....someone who sucks the fun out of life.

I've met a few in my time and I'm trying to now live life with just fun...no fun sponging.

Here are a few Urban Dictionary definitions!

  • Noun. A boring, humourless person.
  • Someone who has the ability to walk into a room and literally soak all of the fun out of it. Also known as a muzz.
  • A fun sucker, downer, negitive nacy party pooper or a downright joy killington.
  • This word is used when a person sucks up all the fun out of a room and makes the atmosphere really boring - Like the way a normal sponge sucks up liquid
  • A person or group of persons who have the uncanny ability to absorb all of the fun out of something, not unlike a sponge...

So there you are my friends...now you know what a Fun Sponge is...if you have any in your life, get rid!

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