About Me

Hi Everyone!

I'm Emma - thank you for visiting my blog!

I started this whole thing as a channel for some creative energy. I was recently single and had some spare time on my hands!

I think - like a lot of girls - I have an obscene amount of makeup and a need to buy more and more.

I love sharing my opinions (good or bad) with everyone and please, if you agree or disagree, or if what I've said is helpful then comment and let me know :)

Another big part of my blog is dating and lifestyle posts on London and the many places I travel to.

Some of my dating posts can be a bit risqué...and I wish my Mum didn't read them...but hey its all light-hearted and I never name names!

I made the mistake once of making it a bit too personal...and got dumped...so I won't be doing that again!

I think there is something for everyone here, so I hope you enjoy!

Love you lots.



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