Spring Empties 2017

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Empties blogs are something I always love doing because I find it so satisfying to bin the rubbish I've been hoarding!

This empties haul is a bit smaller than usual because I've been trying hard in 2017 not to buy things I don't need.

I got a Monzo card to keep an eye on my spending, set up standing orders to various savings accounts and tried harder to save.

Its actually going really well but it means less items to review!

Here are the items I've used up.

Merlin approves...

Oral B White
Colgate Max White
I'm going to review these two together; I usually just buy whatever whitening toothpaste is on offer. I don't really notice a difference between each one so I can't recommend either of these really!
I have repurchased the colgate one though, just based on taste!

Body Shop Oils of Life
This is a sample size but I really liked it. I usually use BioOil on my face at night, but I did enjoy this while it lasted.

Yes to Grapefruit Pore Perfection Night Treatment 
I really loved this, especially as it is such a hygenic dispenser, but I haven't repurchased it because I'm trying to use up other products. It lasted for ages though and I recommend.

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Wash
If you've read my empties before you know I love this. I've tried other things but this just works the best. It reminds me a lot of the Liz Earle Cleanser but is WAY cheaper
I've repurchased obviously

Body Shop - Vitamin C
I love this facecream and have bought it a few times, but I am currently trying out the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I bought it as a treat in early February and haven't even gone through half of it yet (which is good as its SO expensive). But I haven't noticed that much difference and I think I might go back to this Vitamin C one or try the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil Cream as I love their oil cleanser.
I've gone off track...I would recommend this Vitamin C facecream :)

Je t'adore Aromatics Shampoo
I got this in my beauty advent calendar and...I'll be honest...I used it to wash makeup brushes. I just don't like mini shampoos!

Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day Hand sanitiser
You can't beat Bath and Body works hand sanitisers. At the moment I am using the Mad About You one which is my favourite scent, but this one was lovely too.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo
I've repurchased this because its my favourite dry shampoo. It smells clean and is really cheap!

Rimmel Scrub
My friend www.iamaneesha.com recommended this scrub and its so gritty and amazing! It says pre tan exfoliater but I just use it regularly and I love it. I'm trying to use up some others, but I would repurchase this. 

John Frieda Conditioner
I bought this stuff because its meant to be like the conditioner you get when you dye your hair with box dye. It was good...but I wouldn't repurchase it again as I prefer a shampoo and conditioner that match.

Origins Clear Improvements Mask
I liked this mask, because it gets really tight on your face and doesn't crumble off like some. But I wouldn't repurchase it because the Bobbi Brown one is SO much better as you can see all the oil its pulling out of your pores!

Camomile Body Shop Balm
I love this stuff so much, but as I mentioned above, I've been using the L'Oreal Extraordinary oil and I think I prefer it

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deo
I like the smell of this, but I usually use roll on because its better for you, so I haven't repurchased.

Sephora x2 masks
I love these Sephora sheet masks. Mummy Haworth got me these because she read my blog and knew I liked them - how sweet is that.

Kiko Makeup Setting Spray
Eugh I hated this, I didn't even use it up. Its an aerosol setting spray and it smells like alcohol. Not good!

And that's it! No makeup this time!

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