Blogging Update: Where have I been?

Thursday, 4 May 2017

I haven’t blogged much in 2017.

I don’t know what it is but I’ve just lost the love for it. It’s coming up to my three year anniversary on the 20th May and what I blog about has changed a lot (plus my photography skills have vastly improved!!)

I've posted 353 blogs in those three years which equates to 9.8 per month... a hell of a lot!

I started my blog as a kind of therapy for the breakup I was going through. I had gone from being someone’s fiancé to someone single overnight and it was a very strange feeling. Being suddenly single in the world of internet dating opened up Tinder and Bumble to me and I started by blogging my dates.

This changed into blogging about makeup and beauty (something I’m passionate about) and also travel (another passion of mine).

I don’t ever want to write a blog just because I think I have to post twice a week and I found myself doing that at the beginning of this year; buying makeup products just to review them and finding taking endless photos and typing all the content a chore. 

I don’t want my blog to be like that, because I think you can tell when someone’s heart isn’t in it.

Another aspect is in November I joined the gym which I didn't expect to love as much as I do. I spend any free evenings there and therefore don't have as much time to blog.

I'd love to do fitness blogs, but I don't want to advise people about their health when I'm not qualified to.  

Also blogging about dating has got me into trouble in the past; you don’t want to date someone and them worry you’re going to write about them!

Plus I can hardly advise about dating…clearly I haven’t had that much luck in the past three years because I’m still single.

But I have learnt so much more about myself. I am confident on my own and don’t need to date anyone to be happy and that is an amazing feeling.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this... I don’t want my blog to end but I just want to blog about things I’m really passionate about.

So there might be less blogs per month, but hopefully they’ll be ones that are interesting and you enjoy reading them :)

Perhaps they'll be more focused on travel with the odd beauty one thrown in and a gym class I love or a fitness event I went to that I really want to tell you about.

Stay tuned because I really want to rediscover my passion for blogging and I hope you all understand that


  1. I love your blogs Em because they're honest and from the heart. If less means more then that's fine with me :-) ps all the gym is working cause you look GOOOOOD!


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