Indian Food in London! Veeraswamy

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

In April 2016 I had one of the most amazing holidays I've had... exploring India!

You can some of my blogs on my trip here

One of the things I loved most was the food. I just cannot get enough of proper indian food.

Not a chicken korma that you'd get delivered from your local Indian... but proper Indian food!

In the summer my friend Anurag said that he would take me for proper Indian food in London to satisfy my craving, so we went to Veeraswamy

It looks over Regent Street and is right by Gauchos on Swallow Street. I've never even noticed it before but must have walked past it numerous times before.

Veeraswamy opened in 1926 which is the year the Queen was born... so its pretty old. In fact its the oldest Indian restaurant in the UK

If you go on a Sunday you can have two courses for £30 or three courses for £34...We did two courses for £30 and I just asked Anurag to order whatever food he thought was good!

The only disappointing thing is they don't serve Pani Puri - my favourite Indian dish. I suppose that is more of a street food...but I love it!

Angara Chicken Tikka

Khada Bhaji Pav

Look how happy I am with these starters!

Another great thing about Indian food is you can get loads of Vegetarian options. When we went for lunch I wasn't vegetarian, but I have been for 7 months now and know I could still eat amazing food

Travancore Chicken Biryani

Malabari Monkfish Curry

Plus of course some naan and rice...not that we really needed the rice because of the biryani!

The food was absolutely delicious but I didn't come away from the meal with that sluggish feeling you get after a takeaway curry! That's how you know its gooodddd.

Definitely a restaurant for a special occasion as its a bit pricey once you've had wine but it was worth it!

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