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Sunday, 12 March 2017

If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably realise that I've been on a bit of a fitness journey for the past 3 months.

I joined Gymbox in November and have been absolutely loving it.

I end up washing so much sports gear as I go about 5 times a week so when my flatmate told me there was a Sweaty Betty sale I did an order

Trying VERY hard to restrain myself and not order too much.

The next day my order arrived, so I thought I'd share with you what I got...

Firstly I bought one of the Ultra Run Sports Bras which was down from £42 to £21

As a girl who is quite large on top I need a really supportive bra and I've read good reviews about the Sweaty Betty ones.

Its pretty neon but I love that and it is really supportive. Especially if you do the hook up at the back!

The next thing I bought were these Zero Gravity Run Leggings
These are meant to be amazing because they're super tight (really hard to get on) and lift your butt and squish your thighs...kind of like spanx, they make you look amazing. These were £63 rather than £90

The final thing I bought was this Unitard.  
I show you it on in a minute so you get a better idea, but I thought I would get this for my Circus Fit, Trapeze and Aerial Yoga classes as when you're hanging upside down it doesn't move like a top will. It was £47 rather than £95

Here is the bra and leggings 

The bra is a perfect fit, but the leggings (which I got in a Medium) are definitely too big.

See how my butt isn't lifted at all, and they're not tight. You can't see it, but there is a gap where they touch my lower back. 
I really love the pattern and the fact they come in a short length as well as regular and long, but I'm not spending £63 on leggings that don't fit right.

Unfortunately, they sold out of a Small so I can't get anymore.

I guess I'll just wait until the next sale because £90 is too much when they're full price.

And finally the Unitard.

Also a bit big as I got a Medium and really not suited for women with big boobs 
The back of this is really cute but it means you can't wear a sports bra and therefore I'm just completely unsupported...no hanging upside down in this for me!!

It's such a shame because I think it looks so cute and its really practical for the classes I mention above. 

I tried to style it how I would actually wear it with a sports bra and trainers...but its just not quite right. 

So its also going back 

If only it was just leggings because I love the see through panels! 

Overall a slightly disappointing order...but I did get a great sports bra, get some money back from the refunds and realise I'm a Small not a Medium which makes me feel great!

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