Makeup Revolution LipKit vs. Kylie Cosmetics LipKit

Friday, 3 March 2017

I love my Kylie Lipkits and I really admire the brand Kylie has made, especially as the actual products are so good.

Makeup Revolution is a brand that I judge slightly. Now that sounds mean, but their products are great but I just feel like they copy other brands. They have eyeshadow palettes that look just like the Urban Decay Naked ones, they have a strobe cream just like MAC strobe cream and banana powder just like Ben Nye. The packaging is ridiculously similar and I just don't know how they get away with it.

They recently brought out lipkits that look prettttyyy similar to Kylie's, so although I don't approve, I wanted to get one to test it out against Kylie's. Not least because the custom charges and shipping to the UK from Kylie Cosmetics makes hers quite expensive.

Here is the packaging side by side, so not that similar in terms of colour, but they both have lips on them so there are similarities. 

I chose the lightest colour which is called Noble and the lip kit I compared it to is Exposed from Kylie Cosmetics.

Makeup Revolution don't have many colour choices when it comes to these; they have 8 and they're all quite dark, whereas Kylie has over 30 colours.

Can I just say one of the Makeup Revolution Lip Kits is called Reign.... that's Kylie's nephews name and the name of one of her lip kits and if that's not copying I don't know what is.

Anyway I'll take the chip off my shoulder and review them fairly now.


Kylie Lip Kit: $29 = £23 (plus customs which I won't add on here in case you live in the US)
Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kit: £6

A £17 difference

Now for the actual product; here is the Kylie Lip Kit

And here is the Makeup Revolution one

The lip pencils look pretty similar, please note that I've used my Kylie one quite a bit so I don't actually know how long it was when I got it...

And the liquid lipsticks are the same size but the packaging is very different.

Here are the pencil comparisons, the top heart is Makeup Rev and the bottom is Kylie 

The colours are actually pretty similar. The Makeup Rev one is slightly darker and is more pigmented and slightly firmer so easier to draw.

Kylie's is a bit lighter in colour and creamier

So it depends on your preference. I think I prefer a firmer one as it is easier to draw a perfect line, but I like the lighter colour better.

The actual pencils are pretty similar - sorry that they're so dirty! (Makeup Rev on the left, Kylie on the right)

Here are the lipstick swatches, the top heart being Makeup Rev and the bottom being Kylie 

Makeup Rev is again a bit darker and Kylie's is a bit lighter but the formula feels pretty similar when you apply them.

Kylie's brush (on the right) is fluffier which I like more.  

When the lip kits dry, I definitely prefer the feeling of Kylie's. It dries completely and feels like nothing....whereas the Makeup Revolution one always feels a tiny bit tacky. If you press your lips together they stick together a bit which I don't like.

 In terms of how much product you actually get. The pencils are both 1g, but you get more liquid lipstick with the Makeup Rev Kit; 5.5ml vs 3.25ml from Kylie

Now in terms of wearing them... I rubbed these hearts really really hard with my finger. And Kylie's smudged and Makeup Rev barely moved

I then washed my arm with soap twice and properly scrubbed it

The Kylie lipliner was completely gone, the Makeup Rev liner rubbed off a bit.

The Kylie Liquid Lipstick faded a bit but not much and the Makeup Rev one barely moved.

In fact I showered after this, went to the gym, showered again and showered this morning and I still have a faint heart from the lip pencil on my arm! That is impressive staying power!

A final review:

£6 is an absolute bargain for a lip kit that has amazing staying power. In fact, I would pay that just for the lipliner because its so good.

But I do prefer the Kylie Liqud dries nicer and I prefer the range of colours.

If Makeup Revolution brought out more colours (especially lighter ones) then I would probably buy more of them, but I don't like the slight tackiness so I think I would wear a gloss over them.

For £6 what have you got to lose! I'd give them a go if you've ever wanted to try the Kylie Lipkits!

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