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Monday, 6 March 2017

My friend and I made a pact for 2017....delete dating apps and meet men in real life.

It was very empowering on the 1st Jan to delete Tinder and Bumble!

We did Boybanuary (rather than DryJanuary) and didn't really look to meet anyone in January, we kind of just focused on ourselves and our friends.

But by 14th February we realised we had no dates for Valentines Day...

So we considered our options....and booked tickets for a Valentines Singles Soiree.

We figured that even if it was really cringe it would be fun and a night out regardless.

It was held at Kensington Roof Gardens, somewhere I used to visit quite a lot when I first moved to London so I at least knew the venue even if I didn't really know what to expect!!

I picked my outfit but demure with a high neck top and long sleeves and we cabbed our way over to KRG....after a couple of drinks of course we can't do this sober!!

Upon arrival we were each given a sticker with a famous person's name on it and a padlock on a lanyard around our necks.

The aim of the games are:

Find your partner. So I was Princess Leia and had to find Hans Solo, but some of the other examples are Kate and Wills, Fred and Wilma and Ross and Rachel

In regard to the lock around our necks...all the boys had keys round theirs so you had to try and find the guy who's key fit your lock (cheeky).

There were about 150 people in the room and they were all aged between 21-40, but I would say there were more in the higher end of the range.

I found Hans Solo straight away and he was such a sweet guy who bought me a drink and we chatted for a while, but he was a bit older and quite quiet whereas I kind of like a guy who takes control. Or at least tries to in some aspects whilst I'm still the boss in others!

My friend never found her guy which was a shame and neither of us had our padlocks unlocked.

This is going to sound harsh but I feel like as soon as I stepped into the room I knew the kind of guy I wanted to date wouldn't be in there. He would be out with his mates not caring about the fact its Valentines Day.

To be honest I don't really care about Valentines Day either, I would like to be with someone who randomly makes me dinner or writes me a card to say he cares or gets me flowers...rather than because he has to on one day of the year.

Not a successful evening...but not a bad one either. We spoke to some really nice people but just noone that stood out.

But hey I got this blog out of it? And I got some cute photos of my outfit!!

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  1. Even though it wasn't the perfect evening, it still sounds like it was a lot of fun. I like your plan though not to use dating apps this year. I recently deleted all the apps from my phone and to my surprise I've actually been to a few really nice - real life - dates since.


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