Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

So in February I wrote a blog on my new Charlotte Tilbury foundation and concealer.

In that blog I specifically asked people not to let me buy the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream which is £70...

Noone stopped me!

But look how prettyyyy

Now I would like to point out that I bought this from Fenwick on Bond Street rather than in Selfridges and the sales people weren't particularly nice and didn't give me ANY samples!

The sales people in Selfridges are so nice and gave me about 10 if you buy any Charlotte Tilbury go to Selfrdiges

The magic cream has so many claims and so many amazing reviews

And I was SUPER excited to try it

Merlin was also very intrigued

Starting with the packaging, this is super luxurious. Its heavy and looks so beautiful on my desk

And the cream itself is creamy and hydrating but not too thick and smells like a spa

I've been using this cream for a month now... so I think I can fairly review it.

I'm sorry but for £70 I expected amazing things...

My skin feels nice, it looks smooth and I don't have any spots or anything.

But it doesn't feel much different from when I use my Vitamin C Body shop cream which is quarter of the price!

I really enjoy using the cream as it makes me feel like I'm treating myself and I do look glowy and moisturised afterwards...

But I don't think its worth £70.

I'm half disappointed... that its not as great as I thought.

But half happy that I don't have to repurchase this expensive cream!

Maybe it would be better for the older woman who needs collagen plumping etc.

Its probably wasted on me.

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