The Temple of Hackney - Vegan Chicken???

Friday, 3 February 2017

My bae Aneesha (follow her blog here) and I went on a trip East last weekend.

We're not really the East London trendy type 

So instead of dressing for the occasion I did what I always do 

Go glam or go home!

I always dress up on purpose when I see Aneesha because I'm her "glam friend" and I like to keep up appearances.

My lip colour is Birthday Suit from Sleek

One of my all time favourite nudes.

And my top is new and from Missguided. You can get it here

The reason for heading East was we wanted to go to the Temple of Hackney

Confusingly on social media its called the Temple of Seitan

Seitan is made of wheat protein and gluten and is basically fake chicken.

The Temple of Hackney is in fact a Vegan dirty "chicken" shop

I'll be honest it wasn't the most glamorous place we've ever been.

In fact we queued for an hour in the cold slightly damp street to eat some greasy "chicken" and chips

Since becoming pescatarian there have been a few times when I've really fancied meat.

So the thought of eating some KFC meat free excited me!

The shop is very instagramable and all the people were very trendy ... when I say trendy I mean they look a little bit homeless.. which I understand is trendy?

Now the food review.

We ordered:

A 2 piece
A sub
Fries to share
And two lemonades

This all came to £18 which seems quite expensive, but maybe Seitan is expensive to make!

This is the two piece

And this is the sub (complete with vegan mayo and bacon!)
(I'm sorry for how gross that looks)

Now for the review...

The batter was just like the kind of batter you get on fried chicken.

But is Seitan like chicken? I don't think so.

Its quite a spongy texture and has a strange aftertaste that I can't place.

I think if you'd been vegan a long time it would be an exciting substitute for meat, but I've been pescatarian 7 I remember real meat!

The chips however were brilliant, just like McDonalds ones

But not worth an hour of queueing.

A more successful part of our day was a trip to the Nike Outlet which is just down the road from the Temple of Hackney

These babies were £36 rather than £105

I love them!

If you want to find the Temple of Hackney its here

And the Nike Outlet is here

Also Aneesha vlogged the whole trip so you can see a more in depth review of the "chicken" here

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