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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

If you follow me on my social media you might have noticed that over the past few months I've frequented Piano Works a few times!

I didn't want to do one blog for each night so I figured I'd compile the four occasions into one!

Can we start off my appreciating the body I wore for my birthday
When this arrived at the office everyone took the piss out of me. To be fair when it arrived it didn't have this black bikini top under it so it did just look like a piece of netting.

But I love my caged body


Its from Missguided and you can find it here

Its half price so move fast!

As you can see if its your birthday at Piano Works you get a sign with your name and you get to dance at the front whilst they sing to you 

Some people are keener than others..

This is on another birthday when we went.... Annie was pleased to be there...Oli and James not so much!

Look at me getting carried away.. I haven't even told you what Piano Works is!

Its a bar in Farringdon where they have two pianos and a band in the middle on a stage. You can write down requests and they sing pretty much any song.

Please note they do not know any Hilary Duff or So Solid Crew...believe me I've asked.

Its a great place for birthdays as even the friends who "don't like clubbing" have fun! Its not a pretentious club like some of the places I go!

We also went back the weekend after my birthday for my flatmate Louisa's birthday 

I wore my favourite blue lucky dress and made friends with the photographer

I would recommend booking a table in advance if you're going in a big group and try and get a booth rather than a table by the bar.

In terms of drinks its a bit expensive...but everywhere in London is! Its not like a night out in Southampton or anything when you can get a shot for a £1!

If someone else is paying though...order the giant pornstar martini! 

Actually don't...total waste of money. Order champagne. Especially as sometimes they have £10 off vouchers online

Please note that the tequila shots here come with salt and chilli on the rim...I don't understand why and it is a spicy surprise when you get them! Just a warning!

I highly recommend planning a night there in 2017 

Drink, dance and sing the night away.

Ask for Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon and you've got yourself a PARTYYYY

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