Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation Review

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Charlotte Tilbury is one of those brands that I always look at when I walk through Selfridges. The rose gold packaging is beautiful, the display stand out and the reviews online are amazing.

The only thing is...its a bit pricey. So I've never allowed myself to buy any.

But a couple of weeks ago I was in Selfridges on my birthday weekend and I thought I'd treat myself.

I've read about the two Charlotte Tilbury Foundations before and have been eyeing up both the Light Wonder Foundation and the Magic Foundation.

The Light Wonder Foundation is described on the website by Charlotte as:
I’ve created the holy grail of foundations… An air-light formula with wonder powers: it illuminates, smoothes, hydrates, minimises pores and reduces wrinkles for perfect skin. When it comes to foundation, I have one simple rule: perfect coverage in a light-weight formula. Eyes can be intense, lips can be full on, but your complexion should be seamless, breathable and beautiful. It’s one of my 7 wonders for your skin! 
• This innovative technology breathes a diaphanous veil of youth-enhancing tint across your complexion, evening out imperfections and moisturising the skin. It’s like a halo effect of luminosity and colour.
• A pool of youth-boosting actives helps reduce wrinkles, fight uneven skin tone and smooth over the surface for a “baby-skin effect”.
• A botanical alternative to retinol stimulates epidermal renewal by kick-starting collagen production, delaying the onset of wrinkles and creating a perfect make-up base.
• SPF 15 protects skin from UV damage.
• Pseudo-ceramides hydrate your skin for up to 18 hours.
• For dry, normal, combination skin type
The Magic Foundation is described on the website by Charlotte as:
Darlings, I worked with laboratories for five years to create my ‘miracle in a bottle’ Magic Foundation. Featuring a weightless, ‘hyper-intelligent’ formula super-charged with vitamin C, Genius Hyaluronic Filling Spheres and mushroom extract, for full coverage that glides on like a dream, concealing imperfections and transforming skin of all ages, tones and types. With all the anti-ageing and protective benefits of a luxury skin cream, you’ll enjoy flawless, air-brushed, perfect-looking skin every day!

  • It’s collagen-boosting!! Reducing the appearance of age spots by 75% in 4 months and reducing the appearance of acne after just 9 weeks!
  • Over 88% of women agree it matches their skin tone, lasts all day and is comfortable on their skin
  • 77% of women agree it gives them perfect-looking skin
  • 83% of women would recommend it to a friend
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15 protects from the damaging effects of the sun
  • The concentrated mushroom extract firms skin, tightens pores and floods the skin with moisture
  • Genius Hyaluronic Filling Spheres absorb into the skin and plump up wrinkles from within – in 1 hour skin looks smoother and firmer, plus more supple and youthful
  • Antioxidant vitamin C fights the damaging and ageing effects of free radicals
  • Ideal for flawless, poreless coverage and if you’re struggling with frustrating issues like acne, melasma or rosacea

  • So both of these foundations have huge claims!! I like that they're not just foundations, they have skincare in them too!

    I've noticed that in the latter part of last year I was wearing foundation to work everyday, when really I don't need very much coverage. So I thought I'd give the Light Wonder Foundation a go and try and wear a lighter base daily with a heavier foundation for nights out.
    The really helpful sales girl helped match my colour in the Light Wonder Foundation (colour 4) and the concealer (shade 2).

    The concealer is also much lighter than my regular one so I figured that if I was buying the foundation I might as well try the concealer that's designed to go with it. I won't bore you with the full run down on the concealer. But it's called The Retoucher and is in a clicky pen formula like YSL's Touche EClat.

    It doesn't fully cover very dark circles or imperfections, but the reason I bought it is it has black tea and vitamins in and is meant to plump and moisturise the skin. I'm very into eye cream so I thought this was a good thing to be putting on my under eyes daily rather than a thicker concealer.

    Now I've been using the Light Wonder foundation for a couple of weeks and I must say my honest review is that I LOVE IT.

    I've never had more compliments on my skin than when I've been wearing this foundation.

    First of all it matches my neck and skin perfectly. So when I apply it I barely notice I'm putting anything on my skin, but it just makes me glow and any discolouration disappear.

    It really is beautiful, I'm not sure how else to describe it. Plus if I put a mattifying primer on my nose (my oily area) it stays all day.

    I wore it for 12 hours the other day and looked basically the same at the end of the day as at the start.

    I would recommend this foundation to anyone who just wants a thin veil of makeup that perfects their skin. I wouldn't recommend it if a friend had a lot of blemishes as I don't think it would give the coverage they want...perhaps the Magic Foundation would be the one for them instead.

    Charlotte Tilbury were VERY generous with their samples and I now have 5 samples of the Magic Foundation to try, two samples of the Wonder Glow Primer, the Magic Eye Cream and the Magic Night Facecream.

    I tried this foundation at the weekend and I'm unsure about it. Its high coverage and very matte... but it just looked like I was wearing makeup. 

    Here is it on...and it looks nice, you can't see any flaws and it looks very "instaglam" ... like the makeup girls on instagram

    But in real life (IRL as Aneesha would say) I just thought it looked a bit much. It didn't really glow or look natural to me. But for a night out or if you have problem skin this may well be the one for you! The colour does match really nicely :)

    I've also used up the Magic Eye Cream and the Magic Nightcream samples and I must say that they feel amazing.

    The Nightcream is £100 and the Eyecream £40 so there is no way I'll be buying these products but I really wish I could. After using the Nightcream for just one night I could see a visible plumpness in my cream and the Eyecream is so moisturising and also very plumping. I am seriously contemplating dropping the cash on these items (as well as the day cream) but all three would cost £210 and I just can't.


    The Wonderglow Primer is also pretty nice, but it reminds me of my Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Base, so I've given the spare samples away.

    I highly recommend going to Charlotte Tilbury and seeing what they have. Be cheeky and ask for samples and see whether you like something before you splurge.

    I might even go back for more samples of the creams... maybe I could live off samples rather than buy the full pots....

    Probably not!

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