You Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 20-24

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

So sorry for the delay on this blog. I was away over Christmas so it was hard to blog these last few days! 

Blogging does actually take up a lot of time. You have to take the photos, write the content, edit it, post it, then share it on facebook, twitter, instagram, make sure you use the right hashtags, write follow up tweets to make sure your content is read in different time zones etc etc

Not complaining I love doing it... :)

Day 20

I haven't actually tried this yet. But if its good I'm sure you'll hear me rave about it soon!

Day 21

I've kept this on my desk at work because I alwaysss apply lipbalm throughout the day. I used to use Carmex all the time but haven't for a while. I like it though :) The smell reminds me of school when I used to use it

Day 22

This product has good reviews online so I'm looking forward to using it. I love exfoliaters!

Day 23

Another item I'm looking forward to trying! I'm currently working my way through the Moroccan Oil I got on Day    so once I've finished that I'll use this 

Day 24

This is probably my favourite item in the whole advent calendar! I love candles and this one smells incredible! So happy with this

Right its time to add it all up 

Day 1 £14
Day 2 £5.99
Day 3 £13.45
Day 4 £1.50
Day 5 £9.50
Day 6 £21.95
Day 7 £12
Day 8 £2.99
Day 9 £12
Day 10 £12
Day 11 £2.10
Day 12 £19.50
Day 13 £9.50
Day 14 £7.95
Day 15 £4.95
Day 16 £17
Day 17 £4
Day 18 £15
Day 19 £1.30
Day 20 £13
Day 21 £2.70
Day 22 £1.50
Day 23 0.60p
Day 24 £10

Total: £214.48
And I think it cost £60

So you really do get your money's worth!

Thank you Mummy for a lovely present


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  1. LOVE this! So jel you get one i think i might have to get one next year! love you xxxxx


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