The worst 48 hours of my life...

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What a dramatic title.

Thing is I'm not even exaggerating!

I thought going through the break up of an engagement was the worst thing that could ever happen to me... I'd take that a million times over this! (and if I went back I'd keep the ring sell it and take all my friends to Vegas! You live you learn!)

This blog is all about documenting my life, and if you're one of my facebook friends you'll know I had a very dramatic start to 2017 so I thought I would document it here.

Some of it I can now laugh at...

Some of it I can't yet!

9pm Wednesday 4th January 2017 - Koh Samui Thailand

Just to set the scene. I went to Koh Samui on Boxing Day and had an amazing first few days with two of my friends. On New Years Eve they left to go back to Singapore and I was alone!

I made some friends but by the 4th January (my last day) they'd left to go to another island. I'd been on my own all day, which usually I wouldn't mind as I would just sunbathe, but it rained so hard alll dayyyy. So I spent the day in and out of cafes and restaurants reading my book and finished off the evening by eating some AMAZING Mexican food by Chaweng Beach (link to the restaurant here)
It started pissing with rain again so I decided to walk home and have an early night as I had to be up at 5.30am.

So I was walking back to my hostel and because it was raining I wanted to take the shortest route possible. So I took a short cut (what an error).

I was coming up to a T Junction so I just cut diagonally across rather than walk to the end and turn left.

There was what looked like a restaurant so I thought it would be safe as there were a few lights on and it was really dark!

Not enough lights evidently. As I walked through I stepped onto a section of what I thought was black tarmac...

And fell straight into a pond. The black tarmac turned out to be algae and dark cold disgusting water.

I fell all the way in, fully dressed with my backpack full of my stuff! And there must have been something very hard and sharp in the water (no idea what) because I scraped all the skin off the inside of my thigh, bashed my leg and cut my foot in numerous places. I didn't realise this at the time because I was in so much shock!

Some man ran over to me and started asking why I was in his pond which didn't really help as it just made me more upset.

Oh and I could feel some very large fish swimming around me which I did not enjoy.

He helped me out and I just started hysterically crying and walked away. There was an Irish pub opposite and a man came out to tell me that he had just seen me fall in the pond and I should go and shower because it would be really dirty.

I am well aware of how dirty that water was.

I went under it!

I hobbled home just swearing to myself and sobbing and finally got back to my hostel. A couple of girls saw me and asked what was wrong and helped me by wiping the algae off my face. I noticed at this point how much my foot was bleeding and they poured alcohol and iodine on it. I never got their names but I am very grateful for their help!

I decided to shower and call it a night so I showered, spoke to my parents and sobbed about wanting to come home.

Fortunately I have a Doctor for a Daddy and Nurse for a Mummy so I'd taken a proper first aid kit with me and could dress my wounds properly

I then watched Richie Rich which did make me feel a bit better.

5.30am Thursday 5th January 2017 - Koh Samui, Thailand

I'd had about two/three hours sleep at this point, because a) my foot hurt b) there was a crazy thunderstorm c) the girls I made friends with the night before were having drinks after their night out on their balcony with some guys and I could hear them telling the story about me falling in the pond and d) I was scared of over sleeping and missing my flight.

Just to set the scene again, I'd been told by the owner of my hostel that he couldn't book me a taxi for 6am to take me to the airport (the hostel was in quite a remote place) so he told me I had to walk 10 minutes down the road to the main road where there were taxi ranks and it would be really easy.

So I left my hostel at 6am... in the PISSING rain, carrying all my stuff, hobbling along the dirt road to find this taxi rank.

Which would usually have been full of taxis, had it not been pissing with rain.
I started crying at the shitstorm that is my life and how many things were going wrong and went into a nearby hotel, where the receptionist told me that he could get me a taxi but not for 20 minutes.

So I just sat in his reception dripping all over the floor waiting for the taxi.

Betting my bottom dollar that no taxi would turn up and I would miss my flight.

Fortunately this very nice man (thank you to him too) got his friend to come pick me up to take me to the airport. I paid him double and wanted to hug him, but restrained myself.

The rain was so bad that it was like driving down a river to get to the airport but we managed it and I got in the queue to check in.

As soon as a I got to the front of the queue all the screens changed to say that due to weather conditions check in was being stopped.


So we all sat in this queue for about an hour before we could check in. By this point it was 8am and our Bangkok Airways flight (booked through BA) had already been due to take off at 8am.

Once I'd checked in I walked to the gate buying water, a coffee, and a wafer bar on the way (the last thing I would eat for a while) and got settled into a seat ready to board the flight.

6 hours later...still no plane.

The weather was so bad that it was coming in through the ceiling of the airport! So it was like sitting in a light shower rather than the thunderstorm that was going on outside.

2.30pm Thursday 5th January 2017 - Koh Samui, Thailand

Six and a half hours later a plane arrived! And I was thrilled to see that I was in seat 1D ... in business class!

My luck is changing I thought...

How wrong I was.

3.30pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Landing in Bangkok I was praying my bag would arrive and it did! It was a bit wet but I hoiked it onto my back and went in search of the British Airways desk...

It didn't go very well as there is no British Airways desk at Bangkok airport.. which is RIDICULOUS

Also at this point my backpack fell off my back. The velcro holding the back straps on was wet and therefore not sticking. So everytime I put it on my back it fell off... so I ended up carrying it around like a very very large handbag on the crook of my arm.

After speaking to two information desks I got given a telephone number for BA... a telephone number which does not work unless you're in the US! I was also told to go and speak to the Bangkok Airways desk and see what they could do.

5pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Arriving at the Bangkok Airways desk I was told to take a ticket and wait for my number to be called....which is all very well except there were 90 people in front of me.

So I sat down on the floor and did what any 26 year old would do... rang my parents and cried.

The whole family got involved, my Uncle ringing one number for BA, my parents ringing another and my brother (who works in insurance) advising me on my rights!

I also tweeted BA to complain.

After a couple of hours BA rang me (because of my Tweet) and said that they could get me on a flight for Monday 9th January... and that was all they could do! They also couldn't put me up in a hotel or pay compensation as the fault was Bangkok Airways...even though I booked my Bangkok Airways flight through BA.

I was appalled but agreed that I would take the Monday flight if that was all they could offer me.

8.00pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Three hours since arriving at the Bangkok Airways desk I was called up to speak to them. They said they could put me on a flight to Qatar at 1.35am the next morning and then change me to a flight to Heathrow from Qatar... however, BA had already changed my flight to the Monday one so they couldn't make another change.

Trying to cut this long story short, my parents managed to get through to BA on their phone and put me and the BA lady on speaker phone so we could try and sort it out.

Eventuallyyyyy it was all confirmed I was on the 1.35am flight on Friday 6th January.

10.30pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Finally checking into a flight (absolutely starving by this point) I was praying nothing more would go wrong...

Obviously it did!

The lady who was checking me in printed my boarding passes and took my backpack and just as she was about to gave me the boarding pass rang someone.

I was just like, it can't be good if she's ringing someone!

She asked me why my flights were booked with BA instead of Qatar Airways and I had to explain the whole thing.

She then said because the flight was overbooked I wouldn't be allowed on until the last minute if there was space and had to go on standby. I therefore had to come back to the desk at midnight.

Honestly... worst day ever!

So I went and got some food (finally) and then went back to the desk at midnight. The lady said I still had to wait for her supervisor and left me waiting there. So I continued the day's theme and cried some more.

Fortunately another Qatar lady came over to me and told me not to cry and of course I could get on the plane... and gave me my tickets.

I thanked her so much and then literally ran away from her in case she took them back and rushed through security.

Bangkok airports security is a nightmare but I made it to my boarding gate just as the boarding was being called.

1.35am Friday 6th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

I'm usually not a nervous flyer but as we were taking off I was just thinking about all my bad luck and was willing the plane not to crash.

Thank the Lord nothing went wrong and I settled down for my 7 hour flight to Qatar. Qatar Airways planes are really nice with loads of films, so I watched Tarzan (Phil Collins relaxes me) and then fell asleep.

4.30am Friday 6th January 2017, Doha, Qatar

Landing in Qatar was a relief! And I had three hours until my next flight to Heathrow. My Uncle (very kindly) offered to pay for me to use a lounge and have a shower, but I was so scared of missing my flight that I just changed my clothes, used wetwipes and deodorant and changed the dressings on my foot.

Slightly concerned about how much it hurt and how bad it looked!

I bought a smoothie and then went straight to my gate. About two hours early.

I was not risking missing this flight!!

7.45am Friday 6th January 2017, Doha, Qatar

Finally on my last flight home I again prayed that this flight would go smoothly!

I watched Bad Moms, had a nap, then watched Miss Congeniality and had another nap...

12.40am Friday 6th January 2017, London Heathrow

...then landed in Heathrow

Thank god!

At the baggage collection belt luck was on my side and my bag came around the belt.

I wasn't even going to bother attempting to get the tube, so I ordered an uber and headed home.


48 hours later I'd made it!

I'm trying to think of it as those were the worst 48 hours that 2017 can throw at me... and therefore the rest of the year has to be good..

Rather than that be the tone for the whole year.

Cross your fingers for me!

P.S. I don't think my foot is infected... but it looks pretty ugly still and is very sore!
P.P.S. My travel insurance won't pay me any compensation and nor will BA... greatttttt

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