My Blush Collection and Review

Saturday, 21 January 2017

I've recently been trying to go through my makeup draws, throw away and items that are past their sell by date and give away any things I don't use.

I have too much makeup and I think its nice to give things away!

While I do this and have all my makeup out it makes sense to do a review and collection blog for you all!

In case you're interested here is my foundation collection and review which I wrote at the end of December.

But I'm sure you can tell from the title this is my blush collection and review!

Here are all my blushes:

I didn't actually realise how many I have, because I've only recently got into blush. Before I was all about being as bronzed as possible and saw no need for blush, but actually it brings so much life back into your face if you have a little swipe of blush

I'm sure you can tell from the above I have a preference when it comes to colour

In fact these three are nearly identical...apart from the price
(from the top clockwise)

These three colours are so similar and I like the formula of them all.
I would definitely try the Sleek version before you splurge on NARS!

Below are the two cream blushes I own

I really like cream products and completly forgot I had this Stila one. I still prefer the NARS one, but I'm going to try and incorporate them more in my daily routine.

I find cream products look much more natural as they don't leave a powdery finish on the skin.

These are two Clinique blushes I own

Clinique Peony Blend
Peony Blend has been discontinued which is a shame as you can tell from the fact I've hit pan its one of my favourite blushes.

I never use the Sunset Glow one really...mostly because it is the most annoying size pan to dip your brush into!

These two blushes are slightly cheaper options...

Hard Candy 3 Strikes
The Hard Candy 3 Strikes compact I got in America for $9 and when I first got it I loved it. I do occasionally use the highlight but the blush is just a bit bright for me!

Freedom Pro Glow Purr
This Freedom Pro Glow Purr Blush has been discontinued, but it was only £3.50 which is a bargain. I barely use it though as I have so many blushes. If any of my friends would like this its up for grabs! I've used it once.

These are my shimmery blushes that are also drugstore prices

This singular elf blush is really beautiful. I must use it more. Its shimmery but doesn't show up texture on the skin. 

I won this Revolution Blush Palette which actually contains blush, bronzers and highlighters.I really like the lighter pink colour in this palette as it gives off a glow.

This is another NARS blush palette

I really like these blushes, but again the pan size annoys me. I like to use a big fluffy blush brush and its so hard to get in this palette!

Finally this is my Z Palette that I keep my Benefit blushes in:
(from the top clockwise)

I love this blush for the winter as its much warmer

This is another beautiful blush. Benefit know their blushes

I think this one is my favourite, I love coral tones.

Benefit blushes in general are really good. When I was about 15/16 all my makeup was benefit. I had so much of it and loved the Dallas blush... If only I needed a blush then I would repurchase it!

And my blush collection. I didn't realise how many I had!

Do you like blogs like this? I am planning on doing my bronzer and highlighter collection too. Lipstick might be a bit of a long one...but if you'd like to see that then comment below.

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  1. YES! I LOVE this blog post, i can't believe how similar sleek, nars and the balm are - they are literally identical! The sleek one is one of my faves too - i would enjoy a bronze one my bronzedddd love!


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