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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I have recently taken a big step on the road to becoming a grown up... accepting that actually exercise needed to be part of my life before I turned 27 (which I did on the 16th January)! There's only so long I can rely on metabolism, curves and diets.

So I joined GymBox! Its expensive but they do amazing classes from Pole Dancing to Rave and Aerial Yoga!

I only joined two months ago but I've done quite a few classes, so I thought I would review some of them for you!


This was meant to be a Commercial Dance class, but the teacher was away so instead we had a HipHop class. The studios where the classes are held are so cool, with blacklights and disco lights!

Old school HipHop isn't really my style, but this class was still fun. I just didn't find I sweated that much or found it that hard because the style of HipHop this teacher did was quite slow, it wasn't very aerobic.

This has been my favourite class so far.

I'm a bridesmaid to two of my best friends next year and both my dresses are sleeveless, so I want better arms in time for the weddings.

What better way to do that then with Trapeze I thought...not even thinking about the fact that I would have to have the arm strength to hold up my own body weight.

It was SO SO hard. The hardest class I've ever done, but it was so fun and by the end of the class I managed to lift myself up onto the bar and hook my legs round. Which I was really proud of.

My hands were cut to shreds the next day and my abs and arms were screaming two days later...but that just shows its doing something!

Bunny Bootcamp

I've done this a few times, one of which was a Friday afternoon to sweat out some of the alcohol from the Christmas Party the previous evening! Its an aerobics class which I think is sponsored or owned by Playboy. On the website they have a photo infront of the Playboy mansion so it must be related in some way as I'm sure they wouldn't let them have the photo for free.

We started with the bunny hop, but apart from that it wasn't very bunny themed! Which was fine, it was fun and I definitely sweated.

Commercial Dance

I absolutely love this class! The teacher (Jamal) is amazing. We build up a routine over the 45 minute class rather than doing a kind of zumba class with a new routine for each song. I love it! I literally come away beaming everytime!


This class was so much harder than I thought it would be! You each have a trampette (mini trampoline) and two glow sticks and basically do an aerobic class in the dark on the trampoline...actually so much harder on your legs than I thought it would be. I definitely sweated so much and felt more core was engaged the whole way through.

Pole Tricks
Just like Trapeze, this was a serious arm workout! Again it made me realise how little arm strength I have. But it was really fun. I came away from the class with bruises on my wrists and legs... but I guess the more you go the better you get!

This is a full body workout which includes that sounds a bit odd, but basically you each get a set of drumsticks and a mat and you drum on it whilst doing squats, lunges, cardio and crunches. 

Maybe you have to try it to understand it... but its fun!

Bike and Beats
I'm not really a "spin" type of gal. I'm more of a dancey person, but I gave it a go at 7am on a Wednesday. I had to get up at 5.55am which seemed brutal but I actually strangely enjoyed it. 

I hated it whilst I was doing it, but I loved getting my workout out of the way early in the day and I felt very energetic for 7am when I would usually be asleep then!

What makes it different from a regular spin class is it feels a bit like a disco and you each have a light on the front of your bike. If you get the light to go green you're working hard, yellow even harder and red you're working super hard.

The instructor can see the colour of your lights so you obviously don't want to disappoint when she says she wants to see all red lights! I found this quite motivating, plus because the room is dark you don't feel like other people are looking at you or judging you!

Overall I'm loving my Gymbox membership...its expensive but worth it! I look forward to going... which isn't like me when it comes to exercise and I'm actually basing my week around which of the classes are my favourite.

Its safe to say that the gym is now my new boyfriend!

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