My Highlighter and Bronzer Collection and Review

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Ok so I didn't realise how many highlighters I had...

2016 was deffo the year of the highlighter; being glowy replaced being super contoured like in 2015.

I went through my highlighter and bronzer draws to clear them out and thought I would show you what I have and tell you what I think about them all!

Let's start with higlighter palettes:

(Left) Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics Palette - this is limited edition so get it while you can! It is AMAZING, my favourite palette of all time and its only $14.50

(Right) Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar - Despite one of these pans being broken, this is a great palette. The highlights in it are super shimmery and the bronzers are really pigmented, I mostly use them for transition shades when doing eyeshadow. This again is a bargain at £6!!

These two are kind of a cross between a highlighter and a bronzer

(Top) Seventeen Instant Glow - This is a bargain at £4.99 and it is sooo pigmented and beautiful. I bought this because my friend Natalie always has the most glowwwinnngg cheekbones and she told me this is what she wears!

(Bottom) MAC Global Glow This is beautiful bronzy highlighter that I bought in New York. Its £24 which is much more expensive than the Seventeen one, but I do really love it. Plus its lasted SO long - I haven't even made a dent and I've had it two years!

These highlighters are more of a champagne gold colour

(Left) Estee Lauder Heatwave - I'm afraid this was limited edition and you can't get it anymore which is a shame as its beautiful. I actually think the next two highlighters are better though and they're about half the price! I think this was about £28?

(Top Right) Kiko 208 Water Eyeshadow - This is such a brilliant highlighter. Its actually an eyeshadow, but loads of people say its a dupe for the Estee Lauder one or MAC Whisper of Guilt so I bought it in Paris. It is usually sold out in Kiko because its so popular, but the new Kiko on Victoria Street have quite a few at the moment! Its £8.90 but has lasted a really long time and gives a gorgeous glow.

(Bottom Right) Becca Opal - I got this in Sephora when I went to Vegas and it is so beautiful, its the main highlighter I reach for. This is a mini version, but I've barely used any so I don't think you need the big pan. I would say it was about £10 because it was $20 for this and the liquid version.

This is the highlighter that I think has the nicest packaging

Burberry Golden Radiance Highlighter - this was a Christmas special edition so I don't think you can get it anymore. It has beautiful packaging, comes in a velvet case and has a brush...but I do find the product a little chalky. I haven't touched it much as I don't want to ruin the pattern, but it isn't my favourite. I think its about £30 but it was a gift.

And finally these are my liquid or cream highlighter

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base - This is a beautiful shimmery base for under foundation, mixing with your foundation, wearing alone or even using for the top of your cheek bones, I love it. Its £34 which is quite spenny!

MAC Strobe Cream - This is another creamy highlight for under your foundation or mixing in. I think I prefer the Burberry one, but this is also very beautiful and is cheaper at £24.50

Barry M Radiant Rod Highlighting Crayon - I only really use this for my inner corner as its quite hard to blend. Not my favourite but not bad either. It was £4.99

Estee Lauder - This is a discontinued product, but its basically a rosey shimmery cream eyeshadow. I sometimes use it on my cheek bones but not very often. I can't really recommend it or tell you how much it cost but I'd guess £15

Time for powder bronzers!

(Top left) Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder - I clearly loved this. It was a slightly warmer bronzer perfect for making you look sunkissed. I think this is in the colour natural and is £28.50

(Bottom left) High Definition Bronzer - This is quite warm toned and isn't really a contour colour, it is more for warming up your face. I like it. Its £22 but I got it in an advent calendar.

(Top right) Sleek Contour Kit - I really liked this when I got it, but it is a little bit muddy and harder to blend than some of my other bronzers. Its £7 so on the cheaper side.

(Middle) Benefit Hoola - This is one of my favourite bronzers, it is very matte and cool toned and works really well on loads of skin tones. Its £23.50

(Bottom right) Anastasia Beverly Hills Fawn - This is a great contour colour, its very similar to Hoola, but cheaper at £14... it is half the size though!

And finally my cream bronzers

(Left) Chanel Tan de Soleil - I LOVE this cream bronzer. It is so beautiful and easy to blend and you just can't beat it. It lasts so long as well as you only need a tiny amount! Its £32

(Middle) Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit - I have mixed feelings about this. It was quite expensive (£39) and I just don't think its worth it. Maybe if you cream contour all the time rather than just for a night out its great but I just think it looks like a lot of makeup on the skin.

(Top right) L'Oreal Cushion Bronze - This is a pretty great cream bronzer for such a cheap price (£14.99). You don't get that much product, but it does blend well.

(Bottom right) Benefit Dew the Hoola - This is another great cream bronzer, its easy to blend and isn't too orange. Its not as good as the Chanel one, but I still like it! Its £22.50 for a big one, my one is just a sample.

Lots and lots of products! Some I love, some I'm not so sure about. I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)

Joining Gymbox

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I have recently taken a big step on the road to becoming a grown up... accepting that actually exercise needed to be part of my life before I turned 27 (which I did on the 16th January)! There's only so long I can rely on metabolism, curves and diets.

So I joined GymBox! Its expensive but they do amazing classes from Pole Dancing to Rave and Aerial Yoga!

I only joined two months ago but I've done quite a few classes, so I thought I would review some of them for you!


This was meant to be a Commercial Dance class, but the teacher was away so instead we had a HipHop class. The studios where the classes are held are so cool, with blacklights and disco lights!

Old school HipHop isn't really my style, but this class was still fun. I just didn't find I sweated that much or found it that hard because the style of HipHop this teacher did was quite slow, it wasn't very aerobic.

This has been my favourite class so far.

I'm a bridesmaid to two of my best friends next year and both my dresses are sleeveless, so I want better arms in time for the weddings.

What better way to do that then with Trapeze I thought...not even thinking about the fact that I would have to have the arm strength to hold up my own body weight.

It was SO SO hard. The hardest class I've ever done, but it was so fun and by the end of the class I managed to lift myself up onto the bar and hook my legs round. Which I was really proud of.

My hands were cut to shreds the next day and my abs and arms were screaming two days later...but that just shows its doing something!

Bunny Bootcamp

I've done this a few times, one of which was a Friday afternoon to sweat out some of the alcohol from the Christmas Party the previous evening! Its an aerobics class which I think is sponsored or owned by Playboy. On the website they have a photo infront of the Playboy mansion so it must be related in some way as I'm sure they wouldn't let them have the photo for free.

We started with the bunny hop, but apart from that it wasn't very bunny themed! Which was fine, it was fun and I definitely sweated.

Commercial Dance

I absolutely love this class! The teacher (Jamal) is amazing. We build up a routine over the 45 minute class rather than doing a kind of zumba class with a new routine for each song. I love it! I literally come away beaming everytime!


This class was so much harder than I thought it would be! You each have a trampette (mini trampoline) and two glow sticks and basically do an aerobic class in the dark on the trampoline...actually so much harder on your legs than I thought it would be. I definitely sweated so much and felt more core was engaged the whole way through.

Pole Tricks
Just like Trapeze, this was a serious arm workout! Again it made me realise how little arm strength I have. But it was really fun. I came away from the class with bruises on my wrists and legs... but I guess the more you go the better you get!

This is a full body workout which includes that sounds a bit odd, but basically you each get a set of drumsticks and a mat and you drum on it whilst doing squats, lunges, cardio and crunches. 

Maybe you have to try it to understand it... but its fun!

Bike and Beats
I'm not really a "spin" type of gal. I'm more of a dancey person, but I gave it a go at 7am on a Wednesday. I had to get up at 5.55am which seemed brutal but I actually strangely enjoyed it. 

I hated it whilst I was doing it, but I loved getting my workout out of the way early in the day and I felt very energetic for 7am when I would usually be asleep then!

What makes it different from a regular spin class is it feels a bit like a disco and you each have a light on the front of your bike. If you get the light to go green you're working hard, yellow even harder and red you're working super hard.

The instructor can see the colour of your lights so you obviously don't want to disappoint when she says she wants to see all red lights! I found this quite motivating, plus because the room is dark you don't feel like other people are looking at you or judging you!

Overall I'm loving my Gymbox membership...its expensive but worth it! I look forward to going... which isn't like me when it comes to exercise and I'm actually basing my week around which of the classes are my favourite.

Its safe to say that the gym is now my new boyfriend!

My Blush Collection and Review

Saturday, 21 January 2017

I've recently been trying to go through my makeup draws, throw away and items that are past their sell by date and give away any things I don't use.

I have too much makeup and I think its nice to give things away!

While I do this and have all my makeup out it makes sense to do a review and collection blog for you all!

In case you're interested here is my foundation collection and review which I wrote at the end of December.

But I'm sure you can tell from the title this is my blush collection and review!

Here are all my blushes:

I didn't actually realise how many I have, because I've only recently got into blush. Before I was all about being as bronzed as possible and saw no need for blush, but actually it brings so much life back into your face if you have a little swipe of blush

I'm sure you can tell from the above I have a preference when it comes to colour

In fact these three are nearly identical...apart from the price
(from the top clockwise)

These three colours are so similar and I like the formula of them all.
I would definitely try the Sleek version before you splurge on NARS!

Below are the two cream blushes I own

I really like cream products and completly forgot I had this Stila one. I still prefer the NARS one, but I'm going to try and incorporate them more in my daily routine.

I find cream products look much more natural as they don't leave a powdery finish on the skin.

These are two Clinique blushes I own

Clinique Peony Blend
Peony Blend has been discontinued which is a shame as you can tell from the fact I've hit pan its one of my favourite blushes.

I never use the Sunset Glow one really...mostly because it is the most annoying size pan to dip your brush into!

These two blushes are slightly cheaper options...

Hard Candy 3 Strikes
The Hard Candy 3 Strikes compact I got in America for $9 and when I first got it I loved it. I do occasionally use the highlight but the blush is just a bit bright for me!

Freedom Pro Glow Purr
This Freedom Pro Glow Purr Blush has been discontinued, but it was only £3.50 which is a bargain. I barely use it though as I have so many blushes. If any of my friends would like this its up for grabs! I've used it once.

These are my shimmery blushes that are also drugstore prices

This singular elf blush is really beautiful. I must use it more. Its shimmery but doesn't show up texture on the skin. 

I won this Revolution Blush Palette which actually contains blush, bronzers and highlighters.I really like the lighter pink colour in this palette as it gives off a glow.

This is another NARS blush palette

I really like these blushes, but again the pan size annoys me. I like to use a big fluffy blush brush and its so hard to get in this palette!

Finally this is my Z Palette that I keep my Benefit blushes in:
(from the top clockwise)

I love this blush for the winter as its much warmer

This is another beautiful blush. Benefit know their blushes

I think this one is my favourite, I love coral tones.

Benefit blushes in general are really good. When I was about 15/16 all my makeup was benefit. I had so much of it and loved the Dallas blush... If only I needed a blush then I would repurchase it!

And my blush collection. I didn't realise how many I had!

Do you like blogs like this? I am planning on doing my bronzer and highlighter collection too. Lipstick might be a bit of a long one...but if you'd like to see that then comment below.

The worst 48 hours of my life...

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What a dramatic title.

Thing is I'm not even exaggerating!

I thought going through the break up of an engagement was the worst thing that could ever happen to me... I'd take that a million times over this! (and if I went back I'd keep the ring sell it and take all my friends to Vegas! You live you learn!)

This blog is all about documenting my life, and if you're one of my facebook friends you'll know I had a very dramatic start to 2017 so I thought I would document it here.

Some of it I can now laugh at...

Some of it I can't yet!

9pm Wednesday 4th January 2017 - Koh Samui Thailand

Just to set the scene. I went to Koh Samui on Boxing Day and had an amazing first few days with two of my friends. On New Years Eve they left to go back to Singapore and I was alone!

I made some friends but by the 4th January (my last day) they'd left to go to another island. I'd been on my own all day, which usually I wouldn't mind as I would just sunbathe, but it rained so hard alll dayyyy. So I spent the day in and out of cafes and restaurants reading my book and finished off the evening by eating some AMAZING Mexican food by Chaweng Beach (link to the restaurant here)
It started pissing with rain again so I decided to walk home and have an early night as I had to be up at 5.30am.

So I was walking back to my hostel and because it was raining I wanted to take the shortest route possible. So I took a short cut (what an error).

I was coming up to a T Junction so I just cut diagonally across rather than walk to the end and turn left.

There was what looked like a restaurant so I thought it would be safe as there were a few lights on and it was really dark!

Not enough lights evidently. As I walked through I stepped onto a section of what I thought was black tarmac...

And fell straight into a pond. The black tarmac turned out to be algae and dark cold disgusting water.

I fell all the way in, fully dressed with my backpack full of my stuff! And there must have been something very hard and sharp in the water (no idea what) because I scraped all the skin off the inside of my thigh, bashed my leg and cut my foot in numerous places. I didn't realise this at the time because I was in so much shock!

Some man ran over to me and started asking why I was in his pond which didn't really help as it just made me more upset.

Oh and I could feel some very large fish swimming around me which I did not enjoy.

He helped me out and I just started hysterically crying and walked away. There was an Irish pub opposite and a man came out to tell me that he had just seen me fall in the pond and I should go and shower because it would be really dirty.

I am well aware of how dirty that water was.

I went under it!

I hobbled home just swearing to myself and sobbing and finally got back to my hostel. A couple of girls saw me and asked what was wrong and helped me by wiping the algae off my face. I noticed at this point how much my foot was bleeding and they poured alcohol and iodine on it. I never got their names but I am very grateful for their help!

I decided to shower and call it a night so I showered, spoke to my parents and sobbed about wanting to come home.

Fortunately I have a Doctor for a Daddy and Nurse for a Mummy so I'd taken a proper first aid kit with me and could dress my wounds properly

I then watched Richie Rich which did make me feel a bit better.

5.30am Thursday 5th January 2017 - Koh Samui, Thailand

I'd had about two/three hours sleep at this point, because a) my foot hurt b) there was a crazy thunderstorm c) the girls I made friends with the night before were having drinks after their night out on their balcony with some guys and I could hear them telling the story about me falling in the pond and d) I was scared of over sleeping and missing my flight.

Just to set the scene again, I'd been told by the owner of my hostel that he couldn't book me a taxi for 6am to take me to the airport (the hostel was in quite a remote place) so he told me I had to walk 10 minutes down the road to the main road where there were taxi ranks and it would be really easy.

So I left my hostel at 6am... in the PISSING rain, carrying all my stuff, hobbling along the dirt road to find this taxi rank.

Which would usually have been full of taxis, had it not been pissing with rain.
I started crying at the shitstorm that is my life and how many things were going wrong and went into a nearby hotel, where the receptionist told me that he could get me a taxi but not for 20 minutes.

So I just sat in his reception dripping all over the floor waiting for the taxi.

Betting my bottom dollar that no taxi would turn up and I would miss my flight.

Fortunately this very nice man (thank you to him too) got his friend to come pick me up to take me to the airport. I paid him double and wanted to hug him, but restrained myself.

The rain was so bad that it was like driving down a river to get to the airport but we managed it and I got in the queue to check in.

As soon as a I got to the front of the queue all the screens changed to say that due to weather conditions check in was being stopped.


So we all sat in this queue for about an hour before we could check in. By this point it was 8am and our Bangkok Airways flight (booked through BA) had already been due to take off at 8am.

Once I'd checked in I walked to the gate buying water, a coffee, and a wafer bar on the way (the last thing I would eat for a while) and got settled into a seat ready to board the flight.

6 hours later...still no plane.

The weather was so bad that it was coming in through the ceiling of the airport! So it was like sitting in a light shower rather than the thunderstorm that was going on outside.

2.30pm Thursday 5th January 2017 - Koh Samui, Thailand

Six and a half hours later a plane arrived! And I was thrilled to see that I was in seat 1D ... in business class!

My luck is changing I thought...

How wrong I was.

3.30pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Landing in Bangkok I was praying my bag would arrive and it did! It was a bit wet but I hoiked it onto my back and went in search of the British Airways desk...

It didn't go very well as there is no British Airways desk at Bangkok airport.. which is RIDICULOUS

Also at this point my backpack fell off my back. The velcro holding the back straps on was wet and therefore not sticking. So everytime I put it on my back it fell off... so I ended up carrying it around like a very very large handbag on the crook of my arm.

After speaking to two information desks I got given a telephone number for BA... a telephone number which does not work unless you're in the US! I was also told to go and speak to the Bangkok Airways desk and see what they could do.

5pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Arriving at the Bangkok Airways desk I was told to take a ticket and wait for my number to be called....which is all very well except there were 90 people in front of me.

So I sat down on the floor and did what any 26 year old would do... rang my parents and cried.

The whole family got involved, my Uncle ringing one number for BA, my parents ringing another and my brother (who works in insurance) advising me on my rights!

I also tweeted BA to complain.

After a couple of hours BA rang me (because of my Tweet) and said that they could get me on a flight for Monday 9th January... and that was all they could do! They also couldn't put me up in a hotel or pay compensation as the fault was Bangkok Airways...even though I booked my Bangkok Airways flight through BA.

I was appalled but agreed that I would take the Monday flight if that was all they could offer me.

8.00pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Three hours since arriving at the Bangkok Airways desk I was called up to speak to them. They said they could put me on a flight to Qatar at 1.35am the next morning and then change me to a flight to Heathrow from Qatar... however, BA had already changed my flight to the Monday one so they couldn't make another change.

Trying to cut this long story short, my parents managed to get through to BA on their phone and put me and the BA lady on speaker phone so we could try and sort it out.

Eventuallyyyyy it was all confirmed I was on the 1.35am flight on Friday 6th January.

10.30pm Thursday 5th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Finally checking into a flight (absolutely starving by this point) I was praying nothing more would go wrong...

Obviously it did!

The lady who was checking me in printed my boarding passes and took my backpack and just as she was about to gave me the boarding pass rang someone.

I was just like, it can't be good if she's ringing someone!

She asked me why my flights were booked with BA instead of Qatar Airways and I had to explain the whole thing.

She then said because the flight was overbooked I wouldn't be allowed on until the last minute if there was space and had to go on standby. I therefore had to come back to the desk at midnight.

Honestly... worst day ever!

So I went and got some food (finally) and then went back to the desk at midnight. The lady said I still had to wait for her supervisor and left me waiting there. So I continued the day's theme and cried some more.

Fortunately another Qatar lady came over to me and told me not to cry and of course I could get on the plane... and gave me my tickets.

I thanked her so much and then literally ran away from her in case she took them back and rushed through security.

Bangkok airports security is a nightmare but I made it to my boarding gate just as the boarding was being called.

1.35am Friday 6th January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

I'm usually not a nervous flyer but as we were taking off I was just thinking about all my bad luck and was willing the plane not to crash.

Thank the Lord nothing went wrong and I settled down for my 7 hour flight to Qatar. Qatar Airways planes are really nice with loads of films, so I watched Tarzan (Phil Collins relaxes me) and then fell asleep.

4.30am Friday 6th January 2017, Doha, Qatar

Landing in Qatar was a relief! And I had three hours until my next flight to Heathrow. My Uncle (very kindly) offered to pay for me to use a lounge and have a shower, but I was so scared of missing my flight that I just changed my clothes, used wetwipes and deodorant and changed the dressings on my foot.

Slightly concerned about how much it hurt and how bad it looked!

I bought a smoothie and then went straight to my gate. About two hours early.

I was not risking missing this flight!!

7.45am Friday 6th January 2017, Doha, Qatar

Finally on my last flight home I again prayed that this flight would go smoothly!

I watched Bad Moms, had a nap, then watched Miss Congeniality and had another nap...

12.40am Friday 6th January 2017, London Heathrow

...then landed in Heathrow

Thank god!

At the baggage collection belt luck was on my side and my bag came around the belt.

I wasn't even going to bother attempting to get the tube, so I ordered an uber and headed home.


48 hours later I'd made it!

I'm trying to think of it as those were the worst 48 hours that 2017 can throw at me... and therefore the rest of the year has to be good..

Rather than that be the tone for the whole year.

Cross your fingers for me!

P.S. I don't think my foot is infected... but it looks pretty ugly still and is very sore!
P.P.S. My travel insurance won't pay me any compensation and nor will BA... greatttttt

Online dating...on Instagram

Friday, 13 January 2017

As I'm sure you're aware, I'm not a stranger to online dating. I've tried Tinder, Bumble, Happen and OK Cupid and I have had successes as well as disappointments.

Online dating on Instagram wasn't something I ever set out to do. I've never even heard of people meeting on Instagram... and after you've read the below I think you'll understand why I'm not recommending it!

On Boxing Day I flew to Koh Samui for 10 days. I had been going to meet one of my friends and her boyfriend who have been travelling the world, but unfortunately they had had to go home after some medical problems so I was due to go alone. I wasn't going to cancel the flights and lose my money and I've travelled alone before so I thought this would all be fine. 

Fortunately my friend who lives in Singapore flew down to be with me for the first four days so I was really only alone about five days.

I decided to stay in a hostel for those five days in order to make friends... but unfortunately the one I picked seemed pretty dead so I had to go out into the big wide world (Ark Bar on the Beach) to make friends and meet people!

I met a few guys from the UK who were really nice and hung out with them for a couple of days, but they weren't going to be on the island for New Year's Eve so I knew I needed to meet someone to hang out with or risk spending New Years all alone!

I logged onto Tinder in Thailand to see if I could meet someone that way, but after a few matches I decided it wasn't the one for me. I didn't really want to meet up with someone who would be looking to get with me (famous last words) so I changed my tactics. 

Whilst thinking about all this I checked my message requests on Instagram. There were a couple from guys who had found me on Tinder and then there was one from an American guy who explained that he was travelling alone and had seen me hashtag #KohSamui on my photos and did I want to go for a drink with him.

He looked pretty normal (not my type at all) but seemed like a good option for a new friend!

I messaged him back and we agreed to meet up on New Year's Eve.

We met at Ark Bar and his colleague from work had also come along too (thank God). 

His colleague was really nice. A 40 year old guy also from the US who seemed really normal. The original guy however I wasn't as fond of.

You know when you just get a vibe from someone... he just kept touching my arm or leg whenever we were talking and put his arm round me so I sensed from the beginning that he liked me.

Awkward thing was I definitely didn't fancy him!

We went from Ark Bar over to Nikki Beach for their New Year's Eve party which was really cool. Much more Vegassy and expensive than the other side of the island and it was fun! It was an hour taxi ride though and I noticed on the way there that again he just kept occasionally touching me on the knee or on my arm... something I instantly didn't like.

When we got to Nikki Beach he went to the loo and I said to his colleague "I get the impression your friend fancies me... does he?" and he was like yes of course he does. I said to him, look I don't fancy him at all what do I do? He told me that at some point I should just slip away but maybe as the night progressed I would find myself fancying him.

I thought slipping away would be rude as we'd all come together, but knew it would not be the case that I would find myself fancying this guy.

Midnight got closer and closer and I just knew he was going to try and give me a midnight kiss.

Honestly even the thought of it now makes me feel uncomfortable.

The question is, what should a girl do in this situation. I am an hour away from my hotel with two strangers, one of whom I know is going to try it on with me.

If I'd said to him at this point, look I don't fancy you, it makes me seem very presumptuous. He hadn't even tried anything yet so it seems arrogant to say I know you fancy me and I don't fancy you.

I was starting to regret my decision of meeting someone from Instagram! 

Anyway midnight approached, fire dancers performed and fireworks went off. I deliberatly put my arms round both the boys in a pally kind of way to ensure I wasn't alone with just the one for the midnight moment!

It worked....then he turned round and kissed me. At this point I should have just pushed him off and said no, but I kind of believe New Years kisses can set the tone for the whole year, so I let him.


Afterwards I tried to laugh it off and said oh that was our new years kiss at least we both got one etc. Trying to imply that it was a one time thing.

He however took it as we both should act couply and go for a walk alone on the beach.

I was having none of that and went to the loo and thought about just getting a cab and leaving. Shadey.

But I ran into a group of English guys and explained the situation to them. They looked pretty tough so I figured I could hide behind them. After half an hour or so I saw the original guy walking round looking for me so I hung onto my new friends and hid. I'm such a coward

Eventually he found me and I introduced him to my friends from London I'd just happened to run into. 

At about 3 in the morning I'd had enough. I couldn't take anymore unwanted affection that I kept having to dart out of the way of.

So I did the grown up thing and took him to one side to speak to him. I said that I was sorry and I shouldn't have let him kiss me at midnight but he wasn't my type as I only like black guys.

Now... that sounds like an odd thing to say because I don't just like black guys. I like all races of men. I'm not selective I just have to find someone attractive, skin colour doesn't matter to me.

But in my head I thought if I blame his race then he can't change anything about it. If I'd said look you're too short, overweight and needy then he would have been offended. But race you're born with so he can't do anything about it.

This was apparently the wrong thing to say. He was INCREDIBLY offended and told me so.

He asked why I'd even met up with him if I didn't fancy him and I said that I'd thought he just wanted to be friends as we were both travelling alone so he called me "F***ing stupid and naive".

I told him that he wasn't being fair and I thought a boy and girl could just be friends, but I didn't like his tone so I got a cab all the way home and was in bed by 4am. Thankful that it hadn't got any worse or I hadn't agreed to walk alone with him on the beach!!

The next morning I woke up quite disheartened. I was alone in a country miles away from my friends and family and I had tried to make a friend and failed. Was I in the wrong? I shouldn't have let him kiss me, that is true, but did I lead him on by even agreeing to meet in the first place.

Should I have stated outright, "Hello I'm Emma thanks for messaging me, by the way I don't think you're hot so don't know whether we should meet up" 

What is the correct protocol ... does anyone know? 

Maybe it's don't meet people from Instagram!

You Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 20-24

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

So sorry for the delay on this blog. I was away over Christmas so it was hard to blog these last few days! 

Blogging does actually take up a lot of time. You have to take the photos, write the content, edit it, post it, then share it on facebook, twitter, instagram, make sure you use the right hashtags, write follow up tweets to make sure your content is read in different time zones etc etc

Not complaining I love doing it... :)

Day 20

I haven't actually tried this yet. But if its good I'm sure you'll hear me rave about it soon!

Day 21

I've kept this on my desk at work because I alwaysss apply lipbalm throughout the day. I used to use Carmex all the time but haven't for a while. I like it though :) The smell reminds me of school when I used to use it

Day 22

This product has good reviews online so I'm looking forward to using it. I love exfoliaters!

Day 23

Another item I'm looking forward to trying! I'm currently working my way through the Moroccan Oil I got on Day    so once I've finished that I'll use this 

Day 24

This is probably my favourite item in the whole advent calendar! I love candles and this one smells incredible! So happy with this

Right its time to add it all up 

Day 1 £14
Day 2 £5.99
Day 3 £13.45
Day 4 £1.50
Day 5 £9.50
Day 6 £21.95
Day 7 £12
Day 8 £2.99
Day 9 £12
Day 10 £12
Day 11 £2.10
Day 12 £19.50
Day 13 £9.50
Day 14 £7.95
Day 15 £4.95
Day 16 £17
Day 17 £4
Day 18 £15
Day 19 £1.30
Day 20 £13
Day 21 £2.70
Day 22 £1.50
Day 23 0.60p
Day 24 £10

Total: £214.48
And I think it cost £60

So you really do get your money's worth!

Thank you Mummy for a lovely present


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