Warsaw and Stockholm Salsa Congresses

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Last year I went to the El Sol Warsaw Salsa Congress and absolutely loved it.

I wasn't going to go again this year because I couldn't take the Monday off work, but at the last minute I decided to fly out Friday night and fly back Sunday night!

In case you don't know, a salsa congress is basically a weekend where you do classes in the day, watch performers in the evening and dance until the early hours of the morning! They're so fun!

I've done a few now, and Warsaw is definitely one of the best!

My friend Emily and I flew out to Warsaw, checked into our hotel and then got ready to dance! 12pm-4.30am was pretty intense bearing in mind I'd been out the night before and was dealing with three hours sleep and a hangover! We headed back to the hotel at 4.30am ready for breakfast at 5am...before a few hours of sleep, a big bowl of pasta and then some dance classes.

These congresses are so intense - there is no other word to describe them!

You eat crap food, get no sleep and kill your feet...but they're amazing!

That evening we went out into Warsaw for dinner and then were ready for dancing again at midnight... I only made it until 4.30am again. Which isn't really an achievement when the parties go on until 10am!

I got this new tshirt at the Congress...how cute is it! 

You. Me. Bachata. Now!

We managed to get a few hours sleep before going to another salsa class and then it was time for me to head home!

Absolutely exhausted. I had to down a load of coffee so I didn't fall asleep at the airport and miss my flight!

But it was worth it.

The next day my friend Emily mentioned that she'd like to go to another congress.. this time in Sweden...in two weeks time.

Obviously I said yes. But this time we went for even less time. One night only!

Sara, Emily and I flew out on the Saturday morning from Gatwick and got to Stockholm at lunchtime. We went straight into the city via the metro and explored the city.

Sweden don't really cater that well for vegetarians...bearing in mind their speciality is meatballs! But we stumbled upon an incredible restaurant and I had some delicious food and wine.

We then found another restaurant for a coffee before heading home for a nap!

(the biggest coffee in the world)

At midnight it was time to dance and we walked over to the hotel where the congress was, saw a few of our friends and danced the night away. In bed by 4.30 for 4 and a half hours sleep...which seems like a lot at a congress.

After breakfast we got the metro to the city centre where it was heavily snowing and wandered over to a Christmas market.

We felt we had to try some Glogg! Which is basically mulled wine but nicer. It has almonds and raisins in it and is lighter than mulled wine - less sticky!

After a quick lunch we headed back to the airport and returned home...

27 hours in Sweden was intense but amazing!

I really should travel to Europe more often, its so close and the cities are so beautiful!

Where should I go next!

Let me know in the comments below which European Cities you recommend!

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