My year in review... 2016

Saturday, 31 December 2016

My chummy Aneesha recently posted her year in review blog. She writes a fitness blog and you can read it here ... it will inspire you to workout in 2017!

I was inspired and thought I would post a year in review blog too...mine is more travel based than exercise based though!

January 2016
I started the year on a high... skiing in the Alps. Not just any part of the Alps ... La Tania where I lived for 6 months age 18 doing my Ski Season. It was certainly a trip down memory lane for me :)
I had an amazing birthday too (16th January... in case you ever want to buy me a pressie :) ) and I booked a trip to Costa Rica for the following month.

February 2016
This was the month I took my Costa Rica trip! The previous February I'd been to Brazil on my own and I planned to do the same in Costa Rica.
But I'm very glad to say my chummy Aneesha decided to come too!
We saw some incredible things, lay on some beautiful beaches and got absolutely drenched in the rainforest!
I even went on the longest zipline in Central America through torrential wind and rain and swung the highest tarzan swing...terrifying!!!

March 2016
No travelling for me in March, I just enjoyed going out in London with my friends and spending time with my boyfriend

In terms of work (which I barely mention on here) I was promoted from Director to Managing Director which was quite big for me.

April 2016
April was another big travel month for me...maybe the biggest travel month. I went to India!
Some of my salsa group and I took the long flight over to Mumbai where we danced the weekend away, explored Mumbai and then flew down to Goa for some sun.
 From Goa we flew up to Dehli before exploring Agra and the Taj and then Jaipur.
An absolutely incredible whirlwind holiday... how many people can say they've danced in front of the Taj Mahal.
This trip took up most of April!

May 2016
No travelling in May, just enjoying London!

My bestie Jess and I went to the Harry Potter Warner Studios with our Mummies
I also went to the Mambo City Salsa Congress in Heathrow, went to my first Be Brunch at the Century Club and saw my Dad play the drums at a gig in Guildford.

June 2016
June was spent trying to enjoy some of London's nicer weather. The Hurlingham Polo, Ascot and another Be Brunch all meant being outside!
I also completed another first which took me outside... my first run!
Might be my last run... but I did it! The 5km Colour Run with my salsa friends!

July 2016
In July I went to see Beyoncé with my bestie Jess which was pretty epic! I also saw Marc Anthony...and on that day became Pescatarian (10th July)
Jess and I then went to Disneyland together (another trip!). I never have a bad time with Jess...we just get each other. We can be perfectly happy sitting in silence as well as cackling away about out stories from the past 15 years.
I also took a trip down to Kent to see my Vegas girls...ready for our trip the following month!

August 2016
August was mostly prepping for Vegas, going outout and discovering Vegetarian food and how good it can be!

Then on the 24th August it was time for Vegas! I can't describe what an amazing trip it was but it was the best Vegas trip yet!
On the 30th we drove from Vegas and LA and visited my friend Chi I met in Costa Rica!

September 2016
Whilst in LA we went to Disneyland Cali as well as Universal and then drove back to Vegas for one last night.
Before flying home.

Going through a breakup on the flight home wasn't my favourite moment of the year...but it was meant to be and I found myself single again at the beginning of September.

So I did what any single girl does...threw myself into London life! Dating and going out with friends and becoming a YesMan again...which I always do when I'm single!
I attended my friend Sinead's wedding and saw my friend Parisa perform at the Century Club.
I also changed the boy's name on his flights to Rome... and took my Godsister and Best friend instead! Another trip :)
We explored Italy, ate amazing food, drunk too much Prosecco and walked miles! Whilst in Rome I saw the Colosseum and ticked off another Wonder of the World...Three down Four to go!

When I came home I got to see another friend perform. One of my oldest friends Izzy and her band Black Honey.
See what I mean! When I'm single I do way more! #yesman

October 2016
My bestie Jess spent a weekend with me in London and we went to the BBlogger Awards together as well as seeing Phantom of the Opera and having an eventful night at Infernos #puddle4life
I also saw Craig David live at Brixton Academy and got ready for Halloween...I had three Halloween nights out and did quite a few of my friends makeup :)

November 2016
In November I took two more trips. Both for salsa!
The first was Warsaw which I went to last year and the next was Stockholm.
I also went to my cousin's Hen Party and joined Gymbox!

December 2016
And finally....I spent lots of time at the gym in December as well as out celebrating with friends. I saw School of Rock with my Uncle, went to the Cat Village with Louisa and presented charity awards at the House of Lords, Kew Gardens, Mind's Peerfest, the WWT and the BTO. (I think a couple of those were in November but lets group them together)
I also got to see my cousin marry her Mr Darcy and spent time with all my family at the wedding.
And I still have a bit of December to go as I am writing this on the 23rd.... incidentally my Mummy reminded me earlier that it is 5 years today since the day I met my ex who inspired me to start this blog in the first place... Life Without A Fun Sponge

I plan to spend Christmas with my family....then fly to Thailand on Boxing Day!

An amazing end to an amazing year. 24 flights, numerous nights out, dates, shows and salsa.

Here's to 2017!


  1. Such a brilliant year! Can't wait for all new adventures and fun together in 2017!! Xxx

  2. A great Blog Emma and what a fantastic year. Certainly one you'll never forget. He's to a great 2017. Happy New Year.

  3. Love you millions my bestest NeeNee thanks for an amazing year my little sausage! xxxx


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