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Friday, 23 December 2016

I always find myself tidying and cleaning on a Saturday or Sunday morning when I'm in London.

And I actually really like it. Pottering about, sorting things out, throwing things away and taking blog photos.

If you follow me on snapchat (@evhaworth) you probably see quite a lot of this pottering, because it also involves playing with the cat and singing with the bambi filter on!

My bad.

The other Sunday I sorted through some of my makeup and threw away some old foundations.

My foundation draw was overflowing so I thought a foundation collection blogpost was a good idea!

Here they all are...
What a beautiful array of beige

Don't you hate when makeup brands name a foundation "beige" who is beige!

Moving on... in no particular order...

L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation - 140 Golden Beige
This is the original Infallible Foundation (you'll see below I have the new ones) and when I first got it I absolutely loved it.

In fact I did many a blog post on it. But I just never find myself reaching for it anymore. This one is going in the bin because it is definitely past its sell by date.

In case you don't know, the sell by date for a foundation is about a bin those old foundations you haven't worn in ages! You don't want them to break you out and cause problems.

Maybe in the future I'll repurchase it and try it again because I did love it...but for the time being I'm trying to use up the makeup I already have rather than buy new stuff (famous last words)

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte - 20 Sand
This is one of my favourite foundations. It is the Matte version of the above and it is brilliant. I've recommended it to so many people.

I'm a bit oily so I love that this foundation makes you super matte and stays all day. I can't recommend it enough.

I think this is the reason I haven't reached for the original Infallible foundation.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow - 208 Sun Beige
I got this in America as they don't actually sell the Pro Glow version in the UK yet...we are always late to the party which suckksssss!

This colour is perfect for when I have a tan...but right now its quite a bit too dark for me so I haven't used it since I went to Vegas. This gives you a really glowy look and I deffo need a mattifying primer and powder with it...but I love how it looks.

Next time I'm in America I'm going to get a lighter shade so I can try it year round!

EX1 Invisiwear - F100 and F200
This foundation is just beautiful. Its one of my all time favourites. I have already been through one bottle of F200 (my tanned shade) and have nearly finished my F100 (my non tanned shade).

These foundations have an olive undertone so they are perfect for me as I find lots of foundation quite pink!

Apparently they've come out with new shades, so instead of the original 5 shades they have 13! You can buy it at Topshop or Harrods but you won't find it in Boots or anything.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD - Y245

I got this quite recently to wear to a wedding and I absolutely love it. The shade is perfect for my skin when I'm not tanned and the coverage is beautiful. It isn't heavy at all and you can build it to the perfect coverage.

Love it!

L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion - 09

I got these earlier this year, they're the cushion foundation and cushion bronzer from L'Oreal. I thought I would group them together!

They give a really glowy finish which I like and I've nearly finished the cushion foundation. 

I need to put the bronzer out on my makeup desk rather than in a draw so I remember to use it because I really like it!

That's the benefit of going through draws, you remember the things you like!

Bare Minerals - Medium
I haven't used this foundation in quite a long time. Its a mineral foundation and used to be my holy grail foundation for daily wear.

I used it recently and it is really nice, I just like liquid foundations more than mineral ones. 

Kiko Universal Fit Foundation
I bought this when I was drunk once...I managed to pick the right shade for when I was very fake tanned...and because of this I haven't used it much because its very very dark.

Plus I just don't think I love the foundation finish, its a bit too glowy and I think it transferred quite a bit!

Maybe I'll just use this to darken a light foundation when I'm tanned.

Maybelline Dream Bronze - Light Medium
I've repurchased this quite a few times and always use it on holiday. It evens out your skin tone, but is very light coverage so I like it on holiday to have glowing natural skin in the evening.

Just this, highlighter and mascara and I'm good to go!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - Vanilla
This is my second bottle of this foundation and I love it. Its really great for daily use as it isn't heavy or really full coverage, it just evens out my skin and looks beautiful.

I recommend trying this if you like lighter coverage.

Armani Luminous Silk - 6.5
You might have noticed that most of my foundations are drugstore rather than highend. I just think brands like L'Oreal do such great foundations.

However... I do think this one is worth the hefty price tag. This bottle is going in the bin because I've scraped and scraped it to get all the product out. It is my perfect colour and leaves your skin looking flawless. I believe Kim Kardashian has this and her skin always looks amazing.

One day I'll repurchase, but as you can see I need to use up some others first!

And that's foundation collection!

What are your favourites?


  1. Great picks! I haven't tried the cushion one but have always been curious. Thanks for the review lovely :-) x

    1. Thank you :) What is your favourite foundation?? X


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