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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Unless you've been living under a rock (or have no interest in makeup or the Kardashians) you'll know that last year Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Lipkits and created her brand Kylie Cosmetics.

People have gone crazy for these products and every time they restock or a new colour comes out then sell out straight away.

Kylie started off with three colours but now has more than 20!

Last year I wrote a blog on the dupes I'd bought which you can read here

But this year I thought I'd treat myself to the real thing! 

I was pretty excited when I got a note through the door saying my lip kits were at the post office ready to collect. 

It did however state that I had to pay a £19 customs charge.

When you ship makeup into the UK you have to pay the VAT so I knew this was coming.

But it did sting a bit!

It brought my total cost to £76 which is hella expensive, but I'm just thinking of it as £25 for each product, and a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and pencil set is £38 so its not tooo bad.

Well it is but never mind I wanted them!

The items I ordered were:

Mary Jo K Lip Kit
Exposed Lip Kit
So Cute Gloss

Mary Jo K is a bright red. A Christmassy bright red...and I love it!

The pencils are sooo creamy and the lip kits are very pigmented. I only need one swipe to coat my lips and they have serious staying power... unless you eat food, but that is to be expected!

The second colour is Exposed, which Kylie calls her perfect nude. Its more peach tone than pink which I really like. Again the pencil is SUPER creamy and I've been wearing it on its own as well as with the liquid lipstick.

These are expensive products, but the quality is really great and I feel like they will last a long time.

I also got one gloss which is the So Cute gloss.

This is the most pigmented gloss I've ever used! In fact its the best gloss I've ever used.

Some people received glosses which has bent applicators, but mine was in perfect condition

I just think the packaging is so cute (get it?) as well. Kylie has done a good job on designing these and I would like the entireeee collection!

Here are some swatches of the colours.

So Cute Gloss is at the top and you can see how amazingly pigmented it is - you don't even need anything underneath it but I sometimes put the Exposed pencil underneath it.

The Exposed lip kit are next and you can see what I mean about the undertone being more peach than pink. They match perfectly with the So Cute Gloss on top.

Finally the Mary Jo K lipkit. This is a true bright red and I really love it especially for Christmas!

Brilliant pigmentation and a brilliant formula. If I lived in America and didn't have to pay customs I would buy so many more of these!

Do you have any of the Lip Kits? Comment below your favourite ones!


  1. I really want to try some of the Kylie products, the colours are all so beautiful!

    1. They're really good quality too! I was surprised! :)

  2. What do the natural ones look like on? I really like the red! x
    p.s excellent So Cute joke.

    1. I'm So Cute... :) The natural ones are really nice... This is both the nudes together..


    1. LOVE you moreeeee - all the way to Neverland I love youuuuu


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