Christmas 2016 Wishlist

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I've already started to see people preparing their Christmas I thought I'd jump on the wagon and do mine. 

If there is a boy out there who fancies me who wants to get me gift*... check out the below

*this is unlikely (not that they fancy me, but that they would want to buy me one of these gifts)

The Advent Calendar

The Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar - photo from the Charlotte Tilbury Website

How amazing does this look. It will set someone back £150 but I'll get 12 Charlotte Tilbury Items and I don't have ANY Charlotte Tilbury items currently.

Plus I love getting an advent calendar as you get a present early and you get to open more than one thing!

(I have already actually received a You Beauty advent calendar from Mummy I'm very happy with that Xmas present!)

The Splurge

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack - photo from the LV Website

 I really want a cool backpack...I just find it so nice not to have a heavy handbag in the crook of my arm and to have my hands free, especially when I travel.

This one is a bit flashy but I think because its the classic monogram its pretty cool. It will set you back £1,350 and I went to Harrods to look at it the other day and they didn't even have if you manage to find this and buy it for me you will get definite brownie points

The Homewear

Genoa Bed Linen Set from The White Company - photo from the White Company website

How beautiful is this bedding! There is something just so lovely about new fresh white bedding, especially from the White Company, and I would never buy it myself! Perfect for a present.

I don't actually think £120 for this King Size set is too unreasonable, bedding lasts a really long time!

Copper 5 Piece Knife set from Trouva - Photo from Trouva website

I have one or two good knives... but I'd really like a knife block with a few more. And maybe a knife sharpener!

They don't need to be really expensive or anything, I know you can spend ALOT of money on knives, but these are only £39.99

The Makeup

Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder - photo from the Debenhams website

I am so excited that you can now get Kat Von D in the UK! I used to watch her as a tattoo artist on LA Ink and Miami Ink and love her makeup line.

All her products are so full coverage and her concealer is my current favourite.

I'd really like to try this powder as apparently it doesn't flashback. Plus I'm doing my friend's wedding makeup next year and I feel like this would be great to set bridal makeup.

Its £18 from Debenhams

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer - photo from Cult Beauty

Apparently this lip balm beats all other lip balms and not only smooths your lips but plumps them too. I've heard people rave about it so I'd love to try it. Its £12

The Fashion

Lacey Kurt Geirger Court Shoes - photo from the Kurt Geiger Website.

I have a pair of nude Court shoes from Kurt Geirger that I wear all the time, but I would really like a black pair. 

They don't have to be Kurt Geiger they could be New Look for all I care (who do super comfy shoes) but I would like some.

Also I would like to try them on.... so to that boy who is reading this who wants to spoil me...take me to try them on please! They're currently £59 down from £85 so a total bargain... Maybe I'll buy them myself!

Good Waist, Good American Jeans - photo from the Good American website

Corset slimming elasticity and a natural butt lift? Who wouldn't want these jeans! They're made by Khloe Kardashian for curvy women and I really want some...£135 plus shipping is pretty expensive but they're so cool!

The Perfume

Gucci Guilty - photo from Boots website

Whenever I find a signature scent I like...someone else starts wearing it and then whenever I smell my own perfume I think of them! Mummy Haworth has done this numerous times with Gucci Rush 2 and J'Adore Dior.

JessicaAnn has done this with YSL Black Opium

Annie has done this with Bodyshop Indian Night Jasmine

And I now know three people who wear Jo Malone peony and blush suede

So I would like a new signature smell and I loveee this smell. Lets just hope noone steals it!

30ml is £43

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge - photo from the Selfridges website

I am obsessed with this smell.. OBSESSED, but I don't think anyone would ever buy it for me as its £148 which just seems unreasonable! If anyone knows of any other perfumes that smell like jasmine please let me know

The Candle

Diptique Tubereuse Candle - photo from John

I was bought this candle a few years ago as a Christmas present and it smells AMAZING

Its really expensive for a candle at £42 which is why I would only ever suggest it as a gift rather than buying it myself!

The Skincare

Magnitone Pore Perfection Brush Replacements - photo from

I have a Magnitone and love it...but I haven't used it recently as I definitely need a new brush head - I'm not sure they're very hygienic as they don't have a case or anything.

And at £20 I just haven't got round to buying these

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - photo from the Space NK websiter

Everyone I know who has tried this raves about it and I really love skincare so would love to try this!

And that concludes my Christmas List... I highly doubt I will get some of these things as I've picked hella pricey items...but a girl can wish!

What do you want for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. I tried the fragrance of both Gucci guilty and Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge. I think YSL Black Opium is much better than these two perfumes. However, Tom ford Jasmin Rouge is so much costly. I bought 5ml bottle from my local store named BPIB for my wife.


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