Autumn Empties

Monday, 28 November 2016

Its that time again!

My empties box was overflowing so I felt I needed to photograph all the empty bottles so I could recycle them and get them out of my house!

YSL Lipgloss - this is the oldest nastiest lipgloss ever...I think my Grandma gave it to me when I was about 17 so it needs to be binned! I've never even used it as it is not my colour!

Yes To Charcoal Sheet Mask - this tingled my face too much so I didn't enjoy it, but sometimes my skin can be sensitive and I like their other masks.

Beautyblender - I've got two new beauty blenders so this one needed to go to the land in the sky...even though its done me well!

Sephora Pearl Sheet Mask - I loved this mask and have tried quite a few of these Sephora masks.

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss conditioner - I love this stuff so much! I'm always sad when I run out

L'Oreal Waterproof Mascara - I am yet to find a waterproof mascara that gives length and volume as well as waterproofness... this is ok but not great.

Colgate Advance White - nothing special and I won't make a conscious effort to repurchase.

Mad About You, Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer - my favourite hand sanitizer and my favourite smell!

Sephora Mask - My bestie Jess gave me this and I liked that you sleep in it as an overnight mask

Ren Face Mask - I loved this stuff! I could see all the crap coming out of my pores and into the mask...loveeee that

Barry M Gel Topcoat - this went pretty goopy about half way through the bottle but I did like the first half of the bottle.

Benefit Roller Lash - I do really enjoy this mascara, but I haven't repurchased as I have so many new ones I need to get through

Boots Nails, Nail Varnish remover - How can you really review nail varnish remover, it took off my nail varnish sufficiently well!

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo - I think this was the second bottle I've purchased of this, I like it because its lighter than Batiste and doesn't leave a white cast.

L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist - This is my favourite makeup setting spray that I've tried and I've repurchased

Aussie Miracle Moisture - I basically just buy Aussie stuff for the smells so good!

Nivea Factor 50 - this stuff smells amazing and I love how quickly it soaks into the skin

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Facewash -  I love this stuff and have repurchased it at least twice.

Skinclear spot cream - Nothing special I wouldn't repurchase!

Exuviance Face Mask - I think I liked was a clay mask and I've never tried a clay mask I haven't liked!

Vaseline Cocoa Spray Moisturiser - I love this stuff, I've probably been through four bottles!

Seche Vite - the best top coat ever, but I always find it goes gloopy about half way through the bottle! I've repurchased though

Soltan Factor 50 Face Suntan lotion - I am a recent convert... from low factor oils to factor 50. I am now officially a factor 50 girl. No wrinkles for me!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - this is a dupe for the NARS concealer and I love it!

Tanya Burr half lashes - honestly awful. These look horrendous, they aren't tapered at all and are just a straight lash thats only a half. 

L'Oreal Micellar Gel - this just kind of annoyed me as it got a bit messy, whereas micellar water just soaks into a cotton pad

Camomile Cleansing Balm - love this stuff and am on my third pot!

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream - I didn't even finish this it just went off. I never remember to use mini creams!

Nip and Fab Dry Leg Fix - same with this, I never used it!

Bee Good Moisturiser - I did like this, but I probably wouldn't repurchase, it was nothing special.

Naturalash Glue - this stuff was awesome! The best lash glue I've tried that comes free with lashes

God that was long! I'm such a hoarder of rubbish!

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