22 West End Show Reviews

Saturday, 5 November 2016

I absolutely love going to see musicals...and I've seen a fair few of them!

A couple of weekends ago I saw Thriller, so I thought rather than just reviewing that show I would do a brief review of every show I've seen.

I feel I might have forgotten some... but here goes:

Avenue Q
I've seen Avenue Q three times and I really like it. Usually I hate when people try and be funny (please note if you ever take me on a date do NOT take me to a comedy show). But the adult humour in the play is pretty good. Its basically about a group of people (and puppets) who live in the outskirts of New York. If Avenue A is where the most wealthy people live...they live all the way in Avenue Q. Expect a lot of dirty and unPC jokes!

Billy Elliot 
I saw this quite a few years ago. Maybe when I was about 12? I remember really enjoying it at the time and being impressed by the set which moves up and down out of the floor of the stage. I also remember crying at one point...but that doesn't say much I cry at anything!

Bugsy Malone
I saw this last Christmas with a group of friends from work. It wasn't technically West End but it was in London so I've included it. The production was so well done and the kids were amazing. You just can't beat the songs from Bugsy Malone and we all had an amazing time.

I also saw this last Christmas because it returned to the West End for 12 weeks only. Nicole Scherzinger was Grizabella and she was way more impressive than I thought she'd be. I had the video of Cats when I was younger and was so glad I finally got to see it on the West End.
When I was little I used to listen to the soundtrack and climb up and down the back of the sofas pretending to be a cat.
I've always been a bit of a crazy cat lady lets be honest!

My best friend Jess took me to see this for my 16th birthday and I absolutely LOVED it. The Cell Block Tango is just such a great song and this production was amazing. I hope it returns to the West End soon because I'd love to see it again!

I think I saw Honk when I was about 11... my theatre school that I went to in the summer was doing a production so we all went to see the show before we started rehearsals.
In case you wondered I was Queenie the cat. (Love cats...)
It is basically the story of the Ugly Duckling but it has some pretty good songs in it!

In The Heights
I took my friend to see this for her birthday this year because its a Latin Dance musical so I thought it would be quite appropriate as we both salsa.
I wasn't that impressed with it I'm going to be honest. I liked it...but I didn't LOVE it. I thought some of the dancing could be better...but maybe I'm just a salsa snob!

Jersey Boys
I think I've seen this three times (most recently in Vegas) and it is one of my favourites. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons produced some amazing songs that are timeless. I would jump at the opportunity to go again. The only negetive comment I would have is that the guy who played Frankie Valli in the Vegas show didn't quite hit some of the high notes, and as Frankie has a very distinctive voice it was quite obvious! No such issues in the West End show though!

Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat

This is one of my all time favourite musicals. We used to have a tape of the songs when I was little and listen to it in the car. I've seen it three times (once in London and twice when it was touring) and it never gets old. Last time I went I got a bit drunk before the show and might have sung along to the whole thing...I bet the people sitting next to me loved it! I've just booked tickets to go again in January!

Les Miserables

I saw this when I was about 10 and I don't think I really "got it". Now that I'm older and I've seen the film I would love to go see it again. Especially as it has some great songs in it.

Lion King

I saw this for my 16th birthday and am due to see it again next week! I can't wait because the Lion King is just one of the best Disney films, in my opinion, and it is so well done. Plus I think it is leaving the West End early next year so I'm glad I get to see it again.

Love Never Dies

This is the sequel to Phantom of the Opera and I went to see it with my bestie for her 21st birthday. It was good...but it wasn't that memorable. The songs definitely aren't as good as the original.

Miss Saigon

I went to see this last winter with some work friends and everyone loved it...except me. I thought it was good...but I just didn't LOVE it. Maybe I just like cheery unrealistic shows with happy endings! Like the Lion King and Joseph!
Everyone else loved it though and it was a good evening out!


I think I saw this when I was about 7 because it was when my brother was in the play of Oliver at school and we got kittens shortly afterwards called Oliver and Dodger.
May they both rest in peace - :( wah!
This is another classic musical that never disappoints. I love the songs...I love the story... I love that its British!

One of my best friends took me to see this for my birthday and again I wasn't enthralled because I like a happy predictable fairy tale ending. I'm kind of of the opinion that any night out at the theatre is a good one even if I don't like the play...so I still had a lovely time.

Phantom of the Opera

Oh the Phantom. How I love thee. My friend Jess and I went to see this a couple of weeks ago after years of loving the film. We got seats quite high up but they were only £23 and we got to see the Phantom climbing through the rafters of the Opera House. Such a great production and worth watching! Brilliant singing as well!

Sister Act

I was taken to see this for my birthday...possibly my 17th birthday. It was another one that hasn't left a lasting impression. It was good but I'm not in love with it.

Sweet Charity

I remember going to see this when I was about 20 and it had Tamzin Outhwaite in it. Tamzin played Charity Valentine who is a dance hall hostess...
I honestly can't remember much else so I don't think it blew me away!

The Commitments

My Uncle and I went to this one Sunday and I kind of thought it would be like Jersey Boys. The songs are motown and soul rather than the more "pop" style of The Four Seasons, and I just didn't like it as much based on that!


I saw Thriller on a couple of weeks ago and I must say that it isn't really a musical. It is definitely more of a Michael Jackson Tribute Concert. Luckily I love Michael Jackson and the singers and dancers were brilliant. My only dislike was they encouraged the audience to sing along and stand up in some of the numbers. Which is all very well....apart from when you have a tall person in front of you and this therefore means you can't see any of the dancing!


A bit of a random musical, this was written by the boys from Busted. The songs are catchy and up beat but the story was a bit lacking...it was all about a group of geeks playing with computers...a bit odd!

Wicked has got to be up there in my top three musicals. I think I've seen it about four times... at least four times!
The songs are incredible, the singing is amazing and the whole story is just brilliant. In case you don't know it is based on the story of the Witches of Oz. Go and see it.
Book tickets and go and see it now.
*Toss Toss*

Can you tell that I love Musicals? Comment below if there are any you recommend I go and see. I think Matilda is next on my list!


  1. If you like the lion king, go to see aladdin!!!!! Impressive!
    I definitely loved les miserables, I've seen it twice and I completely agree with what you say about Thriller...thank God Michael Jackson was and it will be one of the best ones, because the tribute....meeeh! :(
    My next ones on the list are: dreamgirls, rent, the book of Mormon... (I still haven't bought the tickets tho lol)
    Sandra ;)

    1. I'm going to see Aladdin in January! So I'm really excited to see that. I'm also going to see Matilda :)


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