Vegas 2016 - Day 9 - Hollywood

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Day 9
Thursday 1st September 2016

On the 1st September we woke up early and headed off for brunch at Cafe Soleil

This was a pretty delish avocado and corn on toast topped with scrambled egg

After brunch we walked the short distance to Hollywood Blvd

Stopping off at a Museum which I set up and curated...
Jokes - but this does seem appropriate for me!

We walked down to the Chinese Theatre and took some pleasure in how dirty Trump's Star was

And were much more respectful to The Angels

I've been to the theatre before but its always nice to go. Especially when you see British stars like the Harry Potter cast :)

We then headed into the mall to try and find my brother a NY Giants Hat
Quite pleased with my success as everywhere seemed to only have the LA Rams!

We then went on a little road trip around Beverly Hills, spotting the stars houses and hoping Hugh Hefner would casually walk out of the Playboy Mansion.

We also stopped off for a drink at the Beverly Hills Hotel and felt very fancy indeed

Didn't feel so fancy when we realised we'd got a parking ticket on the way out! Stupid Americans think its unacceptable to park in the opposite direction to traffic... in England we do that all the time!

After a drive down Rodeo Drive we visited The Grove

For lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!


And then went on a hunt for the Hollywood Sign

In the past I've just looked at it from the Griffith Observatory... but we wanted to get up close and personal!

So we googled it to find the closest point you can get to - I warn you its a scary drive to get up there!!

But we made it :)

Here's a fact for used to be able to hike up to the sign...but an actress called Peg Entwistle climbed the H and threw herself off it to commit suicide. Vandalism was also a big issue with the sign so now it is surrounded by a razer wire fence with motion sensors and CCTV

Before it closed to the public though, Pam Anderson had sex up against the Y

Just a little fact for you from EVH's Playboy Tour.

Another fact... Hugh Hefner paid for the restoration of the Y in 1978

I might not remember Trigonometry or Latin...but I know my Playboy facts!

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