Vegas 2016 - Day 8 - Universal

Monday, 3 October 2016

Day 8
Wednesday 31st August 2016

After a full on day at Disneyland we were exhausted, but got up super early to beat the queues at our next stop...

Universal Studios Hollywood!

To be honest I had no idea there was a Universal Studios Hollywood until I heard that they opened a Harry Potter Section in April 2016

Just in time for our trip!

Just like Disneyland they have characters you can meet at Universal

Doc Brown was the first we spotted!

The first stop on our Universal Tour was obviously Hogsmede!

It is exactly the same as the original Florida Hogsmede but without the Dueling Dragons if you've been there you can picture how magical it is

The actors here have to pretend to be English so I asked the Conductor where he was from...he did not have a very good answer, he just told me he wasn't allowed to disclose his hometown!
Maybe just in case I knew his hometown and asked questions!

The main ride is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which in Florida always has a queue longer than 40 minutes

Not in Cali! It had a 15 minute wait time so we went on twice straight away. It is such a good ride - you walk through the whole castle to get to the ride and then its part simulator part rollercoaster - amazing!

I wore my Black Milk Bellatrix Lestrange dress :)

We stopped off to enjoy a delicious butterbeer

Before taking an escalator down to the Hollywood Studios Tour

This is quite a long tour and you sit on a bus being driven through all the Universal lots

So we saw the Back to The Future Clock Tower!

As well as the vehicles

And then (my favourites)

The Jurassic Park vehicles!

I LOVE Jurassic Park!

We also visited Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives

And some of the other lots.

As I've said...I love Jurassic Park

So we queued up to get a raptor photo

I think he liked me

And then we got very wet on the Jurassic Park ride (which is amazing)

Before meeting Ruby's Doppleganger

Our next stop was Simpsons Land

We didn't go on the ride though because its a simulator and I can't handle that!

So we went to the Walking Dead instead...honestly it was TERRIFYING! It was a walk through and loads of zombies jump out at you.

We all clung to each other and screamed like little girls

So seeing the Minions afterwards made us feel comforted

Even if Gru told us off

We also went to some special effects shows and animal shows...

Before calling it a day

And heading out for Tacos on the streets of LA.

A very full but amazingly enjoyable day with my favourite ladies!

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