Vegas 2016 - Day 10 - Back to Vegas

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Day 10
Friday 2nd September 2016

This was our last day, and we all woke up a little sad that we would be leaving.

But before we left we still had one day left.

And if you have one day left in America where do you go?

Vegas of course!

We drove the five hours back to Vegas from LA nearly dying enroute as apparently American's think a cars distance is enough to leave behind each car on the motorway.

It made me VERY nervous as I'm quite a bad backseat driver! And it made it worse when we swerved off the road!

Fortunately just into some dirt and Zahra did a hell of a good job driving the whole way.

We arrived into Vegas, dropped off our hire car and checked into the Mirage for our final night.

After a nap it was time to get glam

I had some outfit issues as I'd planned to wear my white and orange Celeb Boutique outfit you might have seen before ...but I had no nipple stickers ... so after some deliberation I swapped Zahra's red dress she was going to lend me for the old classic Celeb Boutique navy number

It is one of my favourite outfits and I always feel confident in it

Once we were ready we went to meet our friend Nick in Lily at the Bellagio. It was Labour Day weekend so we weren't really sure where to go clubbing...fortunately Nick always knows what to do!

This was the night where we paid for a cab by singing... or thats how I like to think of it. Because of Labour Day it took so long (like 40 minutes long...) to get from the Mirgae to the Bellagio so we managed to convince the driver to stop the meter and sang requests for him.

The benefit of all your friends having amazing voices!

After some drinks and shots at Lily we headed down to Bank with some new friends in tow

Its a rare occasion when we let boys join our table.


We danced the night away 

And woke up quite hungover....ready for some Denny's and day by the pool before making the long trip home to the UK

We all cried :(

Can't wait for the next trip ... see you soon Vegas

Thank you ladies for making this trip my favourite yet.

Love you millions


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