USA (Vegas and LA) Haul

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I never got round to doing my American haul!

Mostly because my Vegas blogs went on for so long (sorry but we did so much that I wanted to do it justice)

Anyway... here is what I bought in Vegas!

I seriously wish they had Sephora and Bath & Body Works in the UK

There used to be UK Sephoras but they closed down in 2005....rumour has it that they're coming back next year! If this is true then I'm SUPER excited!

These are the items I got from Sephora

I really tried to hold back so I only bought two things (and got two free gifts) the exchange rate meant that nothing was cheaper than in the UK so I only bought things that I can't get at home.

The first is this Becca Glow On The Go
It was $20 and contains Becca Opal in liquid and in powder form. 
You can get this on Cult but its £20 so I guess it was a little cheaper in the US

The glow from this products is insane.

Here is a photo from when I used them both. I also put the powder Opal in top of a lipgloss to make my lips glow

Its safe to say that I am very happy with this purchase!

I'm also wearing this Kat Von D Lock It Concealer in the photo above
Kat Von D is notorious for having amazingly full coverage makeup products. Two of my friends swear by her foundation but I haven't tried it yet...I'm scared of the cake face!

This concealer does not give me cake face just covers amazingly!

The free gifts I got were some Clinique Eyemakeup Remover Wipes...which were pretty good, they certainly got all my mascara off

And a sample of the Ole Henriksen Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask. I found this a bit harsh on my skin, but if you want a proper deep scrub then this is the one for you

From Victoria Secret I got this super cute sports bra
I'll be honest it has very little support so I wouldn't go for a run in it....but Victoria Secret don't do my bra size in normal bras and I wanted something! So I got this :)

From Bath and Body Works I bought five hand sanitizers!
I gave a couple away as gifts and kept three just for me! I LOVE bath and body works hand sanitizers.

I also bought some candles as gifts and two of the Mahogany Teekwood mini candles for me (its my favourite smell)

I tried to be very restrained indeed!!


  1. I brought two of the Victoria Secrets 'sports bras' and I totally agree! They are pretty useless as a sports bra, I generally use them for something like yoga rather than running. Mine have also gone off colour and not kept their shape great. For £20 each I was rather disappointed.
    Other than that great haul!

    1. Oh disappointing for you! I've washed it once and its ok so far... but I think I'll just use it for around the house or under a shirt as a crop top rather than as an actual sports bra! XXX


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