The Great British Bake Off - Millionaire Shortbread

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Last year we did a bakeoff sweepstake at work and as bakeoff is the best show ever (up there with GOT) we decided to do one again this year.

Basically bakers get pulled out of a hat for each member of staff. When your baker is voted off the show you have to bake a treat for the office. We all put £5 in a pot and the winner of the bakeoff gets the money and has to bake a showstopper!

I missed the first two episodes being in Vegas and came back to the office like "I hope Louise (my baker) hasn't gone as I don't have time to bake this week" .... everyone went silent so I had to find the time to bake!

I wasn't sure what to make (last year I baked an epic Oreo Cake - recipe here).

But I settled on Millionaire Shortbread which I LOVE and have never made before

It actually came out really well and went down a storm in the office.

Not blowing my own horn, but it tastes as good as any I'd buy in a fancy deli!

For the recipe you need:

An 8inch square Baking Tin
Greaseproof Paper
250g soft salted butter (one pack)
100g caster sugar
150g plain flour
200g condensed milk (half a tin)
50g golden syrup
200g 70%-80% cocoa solids dark chocolate (150g broken into chunks and 50g grated)

Really not that many ingredients, and lots of them I already had.

 First step - preheat your oven to 160

And line your tin with greaseproof paper

Beat 100g butter with with 50g caster sugar

Then stir in 150g plain flour

This is a basic shortbread recipe with the ratio 1:2:3  (sugar:butter:flour)

Press this into the tin

When I made this I thought it wasn't think enough, but trust me its the perfect amount. You don't want a really thick shortbread.

Bake for 10-12 mins until its just starting to go golden around the edges. 

Now move onto your caramel.

The trickiest bit but the tastiest bit!

Put into a pan: half a tin of condensed milk, 150g butter, 50g caster sugar and 50g golden syrup.

0 calories...

Put the pan on a high heat and stir...keep stirring and stirring until it starts to thicken. You might get little brown bits appearing and just keep stirring those in and turn the heat down a teeny bit

Do not leave this pan alone

Keep stirring and cooking it until it starts to go golden. 

I turned the heat off when mine had turned this colour.

Don't worry it thickens as it cools.

Here is a video on how to make caramel that I watched - if you're unsure watch this first!

When your shortbread is done, take it out of the oven, let it cool and then top with the caramel. If you bang the tin down on the counter you will get a nice smooth surface on your caramel.

This needs to completely cool. I put it in the fridge for about an hour, but you could leave it overnight to be safe.

Now its time to add the chocolate topping.

You need 200g of dark chocolate - don't be tempted to use milk chocolate it makes it way too sweet.

I don't even like dark chocolate but it works well in this.

Melt 150g of chocolate in the microwave or over a bain marie (bowl sitting over hot water)until its nearly completely melted but there are a few small lumps. Stir these in so they melt in the warm chocolate.

If you melt it all the way it can over cook and burn, and it also stops the chocolate having a shiny top.

Add the remaining 50g of grated chocolate and whisk in. This lowers the temperature of the chocolate

Pour the chocolate over the caramel, bang it down on the counter again and leave to cool

I have a cat in my couldn't leave this out overnight to cool.

I put it in the fridge which is why the top isn't shiny. So try not to do that!

It still tastes amazing so don't worry too much.

The next morning I cut off the rough edges and cut it into small squares

Its quite sweet so I think small squares are good

It was delish!

Give it a try its not as hard to make as you'd think!

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