Review: Revolution Oval Face Brush

Friday, 21 October 2016

Over the past year or so I've seen a lot of Youtubers use the Artis Oval Brushes

Thing is the Artis Oval 8 brush will set you back £52...

This Makeup Revolution Oval Face Brush will set you back only £9.99!

It's meant to be a dupe for the Artis brush so I thought I would try it out.

As you can see these Oval brushes which are all the rage at the moment are like no other makeup brushes I've ever seen!

They look like an old school hairbrush

The hairs on this brush are so soft and dense though that I can imagine it is very good for creating a flawless base with foundation

So here is my first impression...

As you can see my skin is far from perfect at the moment. I rarely get spots but I have a couple recently that just won't heal...probably because I can't not touch them!

So I was excited to see whether this brush could help cover up the imperfections and create the perfect base it promises!

I was REALLY happy with the result

Obviously the fact that I have a medium-full coverage foundation helps...but this brush swept my foundation on so fast and made my base look really flawless.

It didn't leave streaks and I was just so impressed with how fast I could buff in the foundation.

The shape of the brush makes it so easy to use

I've used it every day since and usually I'm a beautyblender girl!

I'm obsessed! I've even used it, on occasion, to blend out the concealer under my eyes if I can't be bothered to wet my beautyblender as well or if I'm travelling I just pack the one brush.

Makeup Revolution sell different size oval brushes and I think I might need to pick up one of the smaller ones to be specifically for my concealer under my eyes

...and maybe one for cream contouring

Oooo the possibilities! I love when I find a new product I like

PS: In case you wondered the foundation I used above is the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte - its one of my favourites and I use the colour Sand


  1. This brush looks amazing - especially for only £10.00! x


    1. It is way better than I expected! I just love how fast I can apply foundation - much quicker than a beauty blender! X


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