Favourite Face Masks

Thursday, 13 October 2016

I'm kind of obsessed with face masks.

And when I say obsessed with... I mean I do them three to four times a week.

I'm not sure whether this is excessive but I love them!

Below are my favourites!

My favourite face masks for relaxing (rather than fighting bad skin) are these sheet ones from Yes to.
I've tried a few different types of sheet masks and I just love how refreshing they are. They're basically a paper face mask covered in wet moisturising goo.

(technical term)

I love to use any left over "goo" from the sachet and put it down my neck for extra moisture!

I always take these on the plane as I find plane air really dries out my skin. I only use them when I travel with other people though as otherwise sitting alone wearing a mask like this you look a bit craycray. At least if you're with friends they can laugh with you!

The next masks are ones that help combat problem skin.

This is the Origins Charcoal Mask and I love it! 
It sets really tightly on your face and doesn't crumble if you move your face around (I hate when you're wearing a face mask and you end up with it all down your front)

Charcoal draws out impurities, so its no surprise my next mask is also charcoal based

This is the Yes to Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask
This one also doesn't crumble which is a definite benefit but it doesn't go as tight as the Origins one.

I really feel like these two masks clear up any spots I have on my skin before they appear!

The final two masks exfoliate

This Kiko Purifying Mask is really good. It smells like pistachio and I love it 
When you wash it off and rub your skin it stays grainy and exfoliates your face

I'm afraid its a crumbler though! I always end up with it down my dressing gown

Now this is my top facemask ever!

It's the Loreal Pure Clay Glow Mask 

This stuff is AMAZING - its grainy so it exfoliates and I genuinely look glowy afterwards

I'm not 100% sure about the smell but its worth it! LOreal also have two other masks in this range so I'm going to pick those up soon!

Not that I need anymore masks!


  1. There's nothing better than a face mask to pamper yourself with! I've been wanting to try an origins face mask for ages, I've got my eyes on the Drink up intensive one, because I've got such dry skin! Crumbly face masks are literally the worst, they make such a mess! I've seen everyone raving about the L'Oreal ones, I love the sound of the pure clay one especially if it leaves you with a glow! xx


    1. The Origins ones are really good but I think L'Oreal is my favourite! They have three different ones :)



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