A weekend in Rome - Day2

Monday, 31 October 2016

My last Rome blog was all about the sights we saw... this one is mostly about the food we ate!

We spent so much time walking on the Saturday morning, seeing the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon etc etc .... that we had worked up an appetite by lunchtime!

My cousin had previously done a food tour of Rome so she told us the best places to go! 
And now I'm going to tell you!

Our first stop was Da Enzo Al 29, Via dei Vascellari 29 (Trastevere)

This is a little family run Italian. We went for a light lunch and prosecco

When we arrived we were told there would be a half hour wait, but an Italian chap walked past us and stopped us to say make sure you wait its worth it!

So we did!

Bread and a nibbly light lunch! Delish!

We then walked up to Parco del Gianicolo to relax in the park

Only to sit in an ants nest... ideal!

After a bit of a relax in the sun we walked all the way back to old Italy

We walked EVERYWHERE in Rome, no buses no metros...just very sore legs!

We'd earnt some Gelato!

The rule with Gelato is don't eat the Gelato that is piled up in shiny mounds that looks like a work of art. It isn't proper Gelato and has some other ingredient in it.

You want the proper stuff which is in metal containers.

Apparently the best Gelato place (which we didn't make it to) is Fatamorgana, Via Roma Libera, 11. Its also in Trastevere

After our Gelato we headed home to chill for a bit before heading out for dinner.

You MUST go to this place...

Enoteca Ferrara, Piazza Trilussa, 41

Its famous for its pasta

I couldn't leave any of this!

Pretty sure I even used bread to wipe the bowl.

Carbs don't count in Italy

After dinner we went for some drinks.

But turned down the Frozen Christian Passion!

I know this is lame but I was just so exhausted from all the walking that we went home pretty early!

The next morning we went to go and see the Vatican

I didn't realise this..but on Sundays the Pope blesses his congregation...

So we were blessed!

St. Peter's Basilica is pretty beautiful!

But there were so many people and it was hard to work out where to go after the Pope's blessing...

So instead of going inside we found prosecco

I love how you get a wine glass size rather than a champagne flute :)

With our free afternoon we did what any normal person does...

Google where a cat sanctuary is...

"Welcome - you may enter"

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is home to about 150 cats who live in the Roman Ruins

Look how cute they are!

This place smelt like cat wee SO bad though

And this one bit me!

But apart from that it's definitely worth a visit if you're a cat fan!

Can you spot the cat?

For our final meal we found a random restaurant through a back ally

And ate some more delicious carbs!

And maybe drunk a bit too much wine considering we had a flight to catch!

Either way we made it home late on Sunday evening 

I really should visit Europe more often for weekends away, its so easy to go Friday night to Sunday night and Katie and I fitted so much in!

Thank you so much to my bestie for replacing a boy and helping me tick my third wonder of the world off my list!

Only four to go!


  1. Mmm the food looks delicious! ....the cats not so nice. xx


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