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Monday, 5 September 2016

I recently got some items from Yes To which are a brand that make natural skincare and haircare products

They're stocked in Boots so they're actually a very accessible brand

These are the items I tried out!

I've used them for a couple of weeks now so I thought I would give you my opinny on them

The stand out star is definitely this Yes to Grapefruit Pore Perfection Night Treatment
I'm not too keen on the smell because I don't really like grapefruit...but I look past that because I love this stuff.

A little goes a long way and as soon as I put it on my skin is matte and looks more even. I'm not sure if its meant to have an immediate effect but it does for me. 

I also love that it is one of those dispensers that you push down on for the right amount to come out. 

Its so hygienic! No sticking your fingers in a pot of cream!

Next is the Yes to Tomatoes range
I have a mixed review on these. The Mud Mask is amazing and I love it. I used it a lot in the run up to my Vegas trip.

But the Charcoal Paper Mask really tingled my face. It says its meant to tingle, but it worried me as it was the night before Vegas and I didn't want a reaction so I took it off.
That might just be my skin - every one is different so don't be put off by that!

I've had reactions to products in the past so I'm always careful

One range I definitely didn't have a reaction to was the Yes to Coconut...its so soothing!
This is the range for dry skin and I have combination/oily skin so the moisturiser was not for me. I have been using it after I shave my legs though and its s great at making my legs silky smooth. Maybe I should donate it to one of my friends with dry skin as I feel like its a bit of a waste to use on my legs!

The Creme Cleanser is really nice though and I've been using that every morning in the shower. I don't think its one for taking your makeup off at night, but I do like it in the morning.

These face wipes are really wet...I know that sounds odd, but don't you hate it when you get really dry facewipes! They come in the type of packet that seals properly so no dried out facewipes! I don't use facewipes to take off my makeup, so I've been using these on an ad hoc basis and on flights to keep my face clean.

Another item I used on my recent flights was the coconut sheet mask! Sheet masks on a plane make you look mental...but are so great for keeping your skin hydrated on a plane when the aircon usually dries it out.

This Yes to Cucumbers mask also came with me for the return flight...but I fell asleep so will be using this at home.

Overall I'm really impressed with this brand and I like that they're trying to be all natural.

With my new vegetarian lifestyle I'm always on the lookout for more natural things!

Have you tried Yes to products? If you have comment below your favourites or tweet me at @evhaworth 


  1. I love these stuff, I ALWAYS restock when I am low. I love the acne and oily products and then for hydrating to the skin. I am in love with them. I hope you like and get to try all of them. <3

    XOXO lovingrose_

    New Post:

    1. I'm really enjoying using them! I'm glad you are too!



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