Vegas 2016 - Day 7 - Disneyland

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Day 7
Tuesday 30th August

I have done a few Disney blogs in the past...and by a few I mean more than 10I've been to Disneyland Paris three times and Florida twice...but I'd never been to California!

My aim is to a) See all the Wonders of the World and b) Visit all the Disney parks!I only have the Asia ones to go (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai) and I'm doing one of those next year so I will keep you updated

Anyway... we woke up early and drove five minutes to Disneyland!

This Disney has two parks; Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park

We deliberated for quite a while whether to get the two park ticket or the one park ticket and eventually settled on the two park one.

I'm really glad we did! The Disneyland Park (where the castle is) is quite small so I don't think you could fill a full day with one park.Our first stop was the Cars area in the Adventure Park.

I've never actually seen Cars, but the ride was really good!

We also went over to the Bugs Life land and went on some rides there.

Plus I had my first EVER Disney character photosKind of wish it had been with someone I'm more passionate about - a Disney Princess perhaps...but it was exciting all the same.

Usually at Disney I find the Character photo queues to be huge, but they really weren't at this Disney

Our next stop was the theatre...

And we experienced the highlight of our day

We read in a leaflet that there was a Frozen show on...

But we didn't realise it was a full on Broadway/West End style musical play!

It was SO well doneAnd we all ended up crying because of how magical and amazing it was.

At one point Elsa's outfit and hair completely changed when she was singing Let It Go...She was just standing there and her outfit suddenly changed!

The whole audience gasped and freaked out!

Honestly - if you go to Disney, go see this show! It should be on the West End

After we'd seen Frozen and pulled ourselves together we went over to the wheel that I've seen in so many Instagram posts but never in real life

Unfortunately the wheel broke (with people inside it!) so we couldn't go on it!We went on many other rides though

And after lunch went over to the other park

This Disney is the original Disneyland and the only Disney which Walt Disney oversaw construction of.

It is its 60 year anniversary :)

I am going to be honest... I was really surprised by how small the castle is!

This castle is Sleeping Beauty's and its 77ft high...

Cinderella's Castle in Florida is 189ft high!

So no wonder I was surprised

Just FYI Paris' Castle (which is also Sleeping Beauty's) is 167ft high

I love Sleeping Beauty, she's one of my favourite Disney Princesses...really must watch it again - note to self!

For my OOTD I wore my Primark Disney body again!

Its less than £5 from Primark and they still sell it!

We went on loads of rides over in the Disneyland Park

Although I was quite upset that the Haunted Mansion was closed.

They were already setting up for Halloween apparently!

The queues for the rides were really short as the USA school children had just gone back to school.

So we got lucky on that account!

The final ride we went on was Splash Mountain 

Which probably wasn't our finest choice as the sun had set and we got DRENCHED!I could wring out my socks and shoes and got quite cold!

After dinner (still with wet feet) we went over to get a good spot for the light parade.

This light parade was amazing!

So well done and on such a huge scale

After the light parade it was time for the fireworks.

The problem with having a tiny castle is it is very hard to see the projections on the castle that go along with the songs and fireworks

Especially when you choose a spot right behind a big tree

It was still truly magical though

I can't imagine anyone seeing the Disney fireworks and not be filled with happiness :)

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth after all!

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