Vegas 2016 - Day 6 - Calico Ghost Town and Anaheim

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Day 6
Monday 29th August

Waking up on our final morning in Vegas was a sad moment...

But the trip was not was time for a roadtrip to LA!

We picked up our SUV and started the long journey through the dessert to our first stop... Calico Ghost Town!

One of the hottest places I've ever been

It was 111degrees! Which is 44 degrees to you British people

Calico is an old mining town which was established in 1881 and is about a two hour drive from Vegas
After 12 years of production silver ore lost its the town became a ghost town

You can now visit it and see what it used to be like

I'm not sure how many of the buildings are originals and how many are recreations

But its pretty old regardless

We were all dripping with sweat so didn't stay too long...

We needed to get back in the air con and continue our drive to Anaheim

It took nearly another three hours to get to Anaheim and I felt seriously bad that Zahra was doing all the driving.

I tried my hardest to be a good DJ to make it up to her...but I just can't resist the Country Music stations they have in America!

An interesting fact about me... I love country music; and knew most of the words to the songs that came on.

I like to think my friends were impressed... not sure they actually were!

When we arrived in Anaheim, we checked into our Air BnB and headed out to Anaheim's Packing District

If you're in Anaheim definitely go here. Its a kind of warehouse full of all different restaurants and stalls.

They even have a mermaid themed speak easy downstairs! 

We had Indian food and I got to satisfy my Pani Puri craving which I've had since I got back from India in April

At the packing district we met up with my friend Chi!

We met in Costa Rica in February and it was so lovely to be reunited

We obviously have a thing for icecream...because this is us in Costa Rica!

This ice cream was amazing...better than the Costa Rica stuff I think
It looks like an ice lolly shape, but its ice cream and they drizzle it with chocolate and dip it in whichever toppings you want!

Seriously yum!

After our dinner we hugged Chi and headed home for an early night... important preparation for Disney the next day as we were super exhausted!

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