Vegas 2016 - Day 5 - Encore Beach Club

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Day 5
Sunday 28th August

On our final full day in Vegas we were going to go to the Rehab Pool Party to see DJ Pauly D.

However, Fahad told us he was going back to Encore and we knew we would have way more fun hanging out with him!

We headed over to Encore and a miracle happened...

Well maybe that's exaggerating...

But the lost property desk at the hotel had my ID that I'd lost the night before!

I was so happyyyy

What a good start to the day!

Zahra lent me this swimsuit from Lipsy as I wasn't inspired by any of my outfits

And we had a pretty chilled morning drinking in the sunshine

Encore starts off pretty quiet.. and then before you know it the pool is rammed, people are making out and alcohol is everywhere!

There is a big pole in the middle of the pool... and some of the stuff that goes on on there is horrendous... I saw body parts that I never wished to see

Just to set the scene

And to note...we did not go up there!

To get the party started Sunny ordered a champagne spray...

And not just any champagne spray! This was like nothing I've ever seen before. 

Six lifeguard girls on a lifeguard stand wheeled through the whole pool carrying bottles of moet

We weren't really sure what was happening... until the corks were popped and champagne was everywhere!

Fortunately I had my waterproof phone case (this Lifeproof one)

Because after six bottles of champagne we were drenched

Honestly I have to pinch myself sometimes... how is this my life!

This big bad boy wasn't sprayed (thank god) so we could actually enjoy it!

Is it a Jeroboam?

Is it a Rehoboam?

Who knows but it was heavy AF!

We spent the afternoon dancing in the sun and pouring champagne down our throats

There was far too much for just the five of us

And what do you do when you have too much make friends!

If anyone knows these guys get them to DM me...I have some cool photos of them! They're from London so I'm sure someone will know them!

They were two sets of brothers

And one of them asked me on a date! But never gave me his number

His loss I guess!

We honestly had the most insane day... and I loved spending it with Fahad, Sunny and my girls

Any moment is made better by having a big group of friends around you <3
ZEDD was DJing and confetti and ribbon was shot out of canons into the pool.

Look at that guys back behind me....we thought he'd been waxing his back and couldn't understand why he was bleeding!

Turns out its from the red ribbon! It was ALL over me after this photo was taken!

The also turn on smoke cannons which cover the pool

By the end of the day we were a bit worse for wear.

And when I say a bit I mean quite a lot worse for wear.

We needed to wind down before dinner and our next night out

Zahra and I had a bath and tried to sober up before we got ready for XS Night Swim

We all wore bikinis or swimming costumes under our outfits and went for dinner at P F Changs in Plant Hollywood. 

Fahad and Sunny were heading home early the next morning, so they couldn't join us...and the four brothers had carried on partying so didn't make it to dinner

So our plans changed...

Now its up to you to decide whether we went to an off strip house party with Nick where no phones were allowed because of the clientele...

Or whether we went to bed...

You choose...

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  1. Sounds like you had such a great time!


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