Vegas 2016 - Day 4 - Jersey Boys and Surrender at Encore

Sunday, 18 September 2016

On our fourth day we had a bit of a drama....we had plans to just spend the day by the pool...but we got sidetracked when we realised we had money missing from our room.

It took quite a long time to tear the room apart, complain to security etc etc and in the end it was lunchtime when we left the hotel.

We headed to Margaritaville for fish tacos and then went to the Bellagio pool.

Enroute to the pool Zahra and I snuck off... pretending to need to buy lipbalm

Instead we went to plan a surprise for Parisa!

She hadn't been very well and clubbing every night when you're not feeling well isn't we booked tickets for Jersey Boys as a surprise which we knew she'd wanted to see for so long!

We told her to be ready by 5 and be dressed for clubbing.

I think this was my favourite look of the holiday.

I wore my gold Herve with gold hoops and gold glowy makeup.

My lip combo is NYX Nude Suede Shoes Lipliner with Becca Opal highlighter on top and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in Nudestar

I also plumped my lips - technique explained here

For eyes I did a gold cut crease and used the NYX Liquid Liner Glitter in Gold

Parisa had no idea where we going...she thought we were going to play top golf...

So she was quite surprised!

I've seen Jersey Boys in London and it was amazing so I was hoping it was just as good

The stage and the whole production is exactly the same and the theatre (at Paris) is such a great set up.

Even at the back you can see such a clear view because of the stagger

The show was amazing and we were singing The Four Seasons all the way through and and for the rest of our trip

After the show we went to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner

I've been before and loved it and although we were slightly rushed (by ourselves not the staff) the food was great as was the wine

The reason for the rush was.... going to meet my bestie Fahad

Me and Fahad (Fudge to most of you) have been friends for the whole of my London life...7 years!

Of course he and his friend got us the best table in the club

Standard Fahad

We danced the night away

Drunk FAR too much

And I ended up alone in a cab making friends with the cab driver and losing my ID

Very annoyed the next day when my driving license was gone!

Don't worry the story has a happy'll have to wait for my next blog to find out!

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