Vegas 2016 - Day 2 - The Strip and Bank @ Bellagio

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Day 2
Thursday 25th August

On our first full day in Vegas we decided to give pool parties a miss and go shopping and chill by the pool.

We were pretty tired and I was slightly hungover, so the only place to go was Denny's!

This is us there last year :)

I haven't eaten meat for two months now...but I fell off the wagon four times on holiday - two of those times were at Denny's!

I just sometimes need bacon when I'm hungover.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

After breakfast we walked over to the Ceaser's Palace shopping mall to visit MAC, Sephora and Bath and Body Works.

This Mall is huge and I always get lost in it!

After doing some serious shopping (haul blog to come) we went back to our pool at the Bellagio

To try and catch some rays!

Unfortunately Vegas sun just never seems to tan me. I don't get it...if I ever go the Mediterranean I go super dark. And in India I did. But I never get brown in Vegas even if I spend all day by the pool


That night we got ready to go out for dinner.

I wore my favourite dress of all time. This Celeb Boutique blue cut out number
I have a lot of bandage dresses, but this one just sucks me in so well and I always feel my best in it.

Once we were all ready... it takes a while, we headed downstairs for dinner at Cafe Bellagio

This restaurant is right by the Bellagio conservatory which is full of flowers and fish tanks 

We had dinner with Ruby's cousin and I stayed on track having a mushroom burger

After dinner we headed to a bar called Lily which is in the Bellagio. 

We were meeting a friend of a friend...who turned out to be amazing.

Such a generous fun person and after some drinks we headed to Bank (another club within the Bellagio). cab required!

We had our own table...

And danced until the sun came up.

That's a lie jetlag was killing us! It was deffo still dark when we went up to bed!

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