Vegas 2016 - Day 1 - Hyde @ Bellagio

Thursday, 8 September 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you'll know that I went to Vegas and LA at the end of August.

In fact you'll probably be very annoyed about it because I will have spammed your feed with numerous pictures.

As per last year I'm going to do Vegas blogs so stay tuned for the rest of them!

Day 1
Wednesday 24th August

After months of planning, outfit shopping, hair removal, dieting, heel wearing in, hair extension was time!

Our flight left at about 10am on Wednesday so I met the girls at Heathrow. 

They'd already been there a while so were all taking a nap as I ran up to them!

We proceeded to then have the worst check in process I've ever had... nice one Virgin Atlantic.

We had already checked in online and just had to bag drop...which took 45 minutes. Our flight was then being called and we were told the gate was open!

Some running, cursing and tears later we got to our gate

And got ready for the long flight to Detroit

We were going to go direct but at the time when we booked our flights it was much more expensive. 

Another stressful changover at Detroit meant another run to the next gate.

But finally after all that stress we landed in Vegas at about 5pm and checked into the Bellagio

We all seriously needed a nap so we got our heads down, got room service and then got ready for our first night out!

I went for simple makeup, with glowy skin, a nude lip and winged liner... plus brows on fleek as always!

For my first outfit I chose this black bandage two piece
I figured that as I'd lost weight for the holiday I should wear my most revealing outfit first in case I put on America weight!

I bought this two piece on ebay.. there were loads like it so just search black bandage two piece!

I also borrowed Zahra's "Trust No Bitch" necklace... she also has a "Trust No Man" one!

We headed downstairs to Hyde which is a club inside the Bellagio.

Always good not to have to walk anywhere or get a cab!

The club backs onto the Bellagio fountains which is really cool. Probably the coolest club location I've seen.

We had our own table right by the opening to the fountains 


The drinks flowed and Parisa and I went to make friends with the DJ ... he played my favourite song Danza Kuduro so I now consider him a lifelong friend!

I'm sorry but how hot are my friends!

By the end of the night our body clocks were so out of wack... so we wandered across the strip in search of food...

Nothing is more beautiful to me than the Vegas strip


  1. Looks great! Your instagram pics looks like you had a great time!

  2. Yous all look great glad yous all had a ball x


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