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Sunday, 21 August 2016

A few of my friends (and the boyf) have subscribed to Hello Fresh.

Its basically a food delivery service...but you get the recipe and all the ingredients you need rather than a ready made meal!

My friend Emily gave me a code to get my first box free so I figured why not try it!

I picked the vegetarian box (find out why here) and picked for it to be delivered on Sunday evening.

You can pick whether you have 3 meals for two delivered or 5, my code was for 3 so that's what I got!

The 3 day vegetarian boxes are usually £36 so that's £6 per meal which isn't unreasonable. 

One thing worth noting is they don't do boxes for solo or single people. So you can't pick three meals which just feed one. You have to have three meals that feed two people. I guess it isn't cost effective to just pack enough for one person.

Another thing to note is that if you pick the Classic Box (which includes meat) you get to pick which meals you would like. Whereas the Vegetarian Box you don't ... so a couple of my meals had cheese with them (which I don't eat) but I just left it out :)

Someone was very excited about the box being delivered...

I was really impressed with how well packed it came. The vegetables were in one section, spices in another and the chilled items (the cheese and sour cream) were wrapped in insulation and with ice packs.

The first meal I cooked was Jamie's Salsa Spaghetti with Black Olives and Fresh Basil

Now I thought this looked a bit boring but it was actually so delicious! I've already made it again because it was so easy!

It is basically chopped up heirloom tomatoes, olives and basil with red wine vinegar and olive oil. I think it must be the addition of red wine vinegar that made it so delicious.

The pack of spaghetti was enough to feed six so I actually had some left over and some basil left over. So I just needed to buy tomatoes and olives to make it again!

The next meal I made was Quickfire Quesadillas with Homemade Citrus Guacamole

I had this on Monday and Tuesday as I made enough for two but I was on my own!

As you can see I didn't roll these up and put cheese on them, so they were more like fajitas than quesadillas.

They were so delicious. I genuinely don't miss meat at all as food like this is so yummy!

This was really simple to make as it was basically onions and peppers and mushed up beans in loads of spices. SO good! I will be making this again as well!

The final meal was Goat's Cheese Stuffed Aubergine with Chermoula Freekah

This was the most complicated of the three to make and took the longest but I think if I made it again I could do it much quicker.

As I don't eat Goat's Cheese the above is the picture of the one my friend Katie ate. Mine looked the same but without the cheese and I really don't think it needed the cheese.

I've never heard of Freekah before but its sort of like a nutty couscous...really yummy. I cooked it with onions and spices and vegetables stock and then topped it with the roasted aubergine, a mint and cucumber salad and caramelised red onion.

This is getting boring to say...but it was so yummy!

I don't think I'm going to subscribe to weekly Hello Fresh boxes, but only because I don't know when I'm going to be in and I would prefer if they did meal boxes for one.

If I lived outside of London with my boyfriend and cooked together at least three times a week then I would definitely subscribe.

Especially as, not only do you get delicious food, you get an arts and crafts project

And a car for your cat..



  1. Haha sorry, this comment is nothing to do with your post but your gorgeous cat! I have the same breed and they are just gorgeous!

    1. They're so beautiful aren't they! I've just checked out your instagram and Ozzy looks so cute! XX


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