The Colour Run

Monday, 4 July 2016

In June a group of friends and I did the 5K Colour Run

I am not a natural this was quite a daunting thing for me

Especially when on the morning of the run it PISSED down with rain! I got absolutely drenched!

We all met for a pre run brunch at The Alice House in West Hampstead

I'd been here before for drinks, but it was a nice place to have brunch as well.
I didn't think the food was anything crazy special, so I would suggest going for drinks in the evening rather than brunch in the day.

We all got to Wembley Park and surprisingly the rain stopped and the sun came out!

There was a warm up for the run which was basically a zumba class...

So as we are all salsa friends we just salsaed instead!

And soon it was time to start the run!

I had been running a few times in advance of this run...but I'd never done 5k so I was a bit worried I'd have to walk some

Luckily having friends run with you is very motivating!!

And we managed the whole thing without stopping!

As you can see we were a bit grubby by the end as every km people throw paint powder at you

I inhaled quite a lot which was rather unpleasant

But overall it was a super fun day with my salsa squad :)

At the end of the run you're all given a bag of paint powder...

There's a DJ and a stage and you all basically dance about throwing paint at each other

We obviously chose our own dance style!

Maybe next time we'll do 10k!

Or maybe that's optimistic!!


  1. Thank you for sharing these awesome deals :)

  2. This looks so awesome! I'm not a natural runner either so the color run has always sounded daunting to me too. But man, people always make it sound and look so fun!

    1. It was surprisingly fun! I recommend it! Loads of people walked the entire thing so it isn't stressful! XX


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