Becoming "Pescetaryvegan"

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

So two Sundays ago me and the boy watched a documentary called Cowspiracy on Netflix.

I thought it was just going to be a documentary about how red meat is bad for you and you shouldn't eat it...or how cows are treated really badly and you should be vegetarian.

Surprisingly it is about neither of these things...

Its all about the fact that animal agriculture is the leading cause of pollution and is responsible for producing more greenhouse gases than the whole transportation industry! It is also the leading cause of deforestation (people cutting down the amazon to plant grains for cows to eat or make space for the cows to live) and is also affecting the oceans (all the cow shit basically ends up in the water...not nice for the fish).

It actually really surprised me. I've never even thought about the fact that farming animals could affect our planet.

Another thing that was shocking is apparently 90% of the USA's water consumption is for agriculture. Isn't that crazy? People are always trying to conserve water and yet one way they can help is eat less meat and animal byproducts.

The film finished and me and the boy kind of just looked at each other like "should we do something??"

I already don't eat I was kind of like "Lets be vegan!" but then I realised that might not be sustainable for us.

So I was going to need to rethink things!

I think people probably shouldn't put labels on things like vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan... maybe we should all just do that bit extra to help.

Saying that.. I love a challenge, and why not combine helping the environment with challenging myself and cutting out some crap from my diet.

So I'm going to make up my own diet...Pescataryvegan:

Be Pescatarian (eat no meat, only fish)
Be Vegan (no dairy, even ice cream and chocolate...especially ice cream and chocolate, no eggs, even in cake...especially in cake!) This bit is going to be hard and I will try my hardest, but I'm more serious about the giving up meat section.

I think you have to tailor a diet to you. And I mean diet as in the types of food you're eating not diet "I'm going to lose weight diet".

But if I did slim down a bit...that would just be an added benefit - especially as Vegas is only 6 weeks away!

Fingers crossed I can actually commit to this. I think for 6 weeks I can handle it and then if I don't like this lifestyle choice I can tailor it and just do as much as I can...but go hard or go home! I'm going to start off hard...but then not be too hard on myself if in six weeks time say I want to add meat back into my diet a few days a week. I eat meat everyday at the moment so I think any change is a good change.

Day 1
Breakfast - Avocado on Sour Dough from Hej Coffee
Lunch - Prawns in black bean sauce with noodles at the Royal China Restaurant
Dinner - A few sweet potato fries

This was a Sunday so I had a late breakfast at about 11 and then had lunch at 4...hence dinner was non existent! Probably not the healthiest day as I also consumed quite a lot of alcohol. I went to the Marc Anthony Concert at the O2 which was amazingggg, but was the reason for the late lunch and non existent dinner!

Day 2
Breakfast - Two rice cakes with (proper) peanut butter and a coffee with soy milk
Snack - A Nakd Pecan Pie Protein Bar
Lunch - A salad of cos, prawns, sun dried tomatoes, olives, broccoli and cucumber
Snack - A banana
Dinner - A hot falafel box from Leon

This was a Monday so my first day at work without meat! I always eat way more at work than on weekends...maybe because I get up earlier or maybe because its very easy to wander along to the kitchen. I had salsa in the evening which was the reason why I had dinner and lunch out. I didn't feel particularly hungry or miss meat or anything.

Day 3
Breakfast - Two rice cakes with (proper) peanut butter and a caramel macchiato from Starbucks with soy milk
Lunch - A Vegetables Gyoza Dumpling Soup from Eat
Snack - A Nakd Pecan Pie Protein Bar
Dinner - Homemade fish tacos using haddock.

Now I come to think about it, I think the noodles in my dumpling soup have eggs in... but I'm not eating scrambled eggs or anything so I think I'm still helping the environment not buying proper eggs. Being a full on vegan must be so hard. I'm already finding I have to check the wrappers of everything

Day 4
Breakfast - Two rice cakes with (proper) peanut butter, half a banana and a black coffee
Lunch - A salad of lettuce, falafel, cucumber, olives, peas, hummus
Snack - A Nakd Pecan Pie Protein Bar
Dinner - Homemade fish tacos using haddock.

These tacos were good! And I didn't miss meat at all!

Day 5
Breakfast - Two rice cakes with (proper) peanut butter
Lunch - A protein bar...bad girl but I was on a train to Gatwick so had no real options
Dinner - A Halloumi and Falafel Burger
Copious amounts of fizz... oops!

This was on the way to Disney, where I knew it would be hard to eat veggie...but I want to persevere! So I started off the trip right by getting a veggie burger at the airport. It was good!

Day 6
Breakfast - A bite of a smoked salmon bagel (it was gross and I found a fishbone in it!)
Lunch - Some garlic bread (really really hard to eat veggie in Disney!)
Dinner - A delish veggie curry at the Blue Lagoon restaurant

Having dinner in Disney it was quite easy to eat vegetarian...but lunch was quite difficult! Most places did pizza (I don't eat cheese), chicken or a ceaser salad (again I don't eat cheese) so really quite difficult!

Day 7
Brunch - Some hash brown sticks from Annette's Diner. Jess had a burger and I was a bit jel!
Snack - A cookie... not good! The cookie was good...but its not a good lunch
Dinner - Vegetarian Pasta from Walts
Drunk snack - Some haribo

Again it was tricky to eat veggie in the day but dinner was easy. I'm not really missing meat at all, I really enjoy fish!

Day 8
Breakfast - Nothing
Lunch - Prawn fajitas which were SO yum!
Dinner - A roast dinner with my family (when I got back from Paris)...I had a piece of fish rather than the roast chicken they all ate, but had the same sides (broccoli, carrots, parsnips, potatoes). The chicken was right in front of me and all my family seem to leave the wings and skin except me (I think they're the best bit) so it was quite hard not to eat it!
For pudding they had raspberries and icecream...and I had just raspberries. I didn't miss the icecream and I didn't actually feel hard done by

Day 9
I weighed myself this morning and I've lost two pounds...which is a nice added benefit!
Breakfast - Two rice cakes with (proper) peanut butter
Snack - a protein bar
Lunch - A salad with - tomatoes, lettuce, quinoa, avocado, falafel and hummus
Dinner - Fish cakes with broccoli

Day 10
Breakfast - A banana
Lunch - A salad with - tomatoes, lettuce, quinoa, avocado, falafel and hummus
Snack - A mint magnum! (it was bought for me!)
Dinner - Fish cakes with broccoli

10 days done...and I'm not missing meat at all. Which is weird. I thought I really would! I've always been the type that's like "I could never date a vegetarian". But I feel like because I'm still having fish its not that hard to eat out.

I'm going to keep going and keep up this challenge!

Watch Cowspiracy I recommend!


  1. This is so interesting, I tried but I forgot and only remember when I was halfway through a burger :(

    1. Indian Vegetarian food is SO good though...You have access to the bestttt with Mumma NIP! X


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