Workshop Coffee Masterclass - Home Brewing

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The other weekend I spent two and a half hours at Workshop Coffee attending their Home Brewing Masterclass.

The boy organised this a few months ago, and I thought it was a pretty cute day date!

We arrived, had a cup of coffee and then got started at our benches.

I felt like we were in a science class at school!

The Workshop Coffee is a really cool coffee shop and the people who work there actually seem to know what they're talking about...not like starbucks!

Our "teacher" was a girl called Katie and she started off our "lesson" by teaching us all about how coffee gets from the tree to our cup

I learnt lots of this in Costa Rica in February when I visited a coffee plantation so I felt like a bit of a boff

We then talked about how long you should brew coffee for and how much that makes a difference to the taste.

Katie prepared three cafetieres and brewed one for 1 minutes, 4 minutes and 12 minutes

When you do a cafetiere you aren't meant to just leave the coffee in the pot and top up your cup from the pot.

You need to decant it from the cafetiere once its brewed or it will keep brewing.

We tried all three cafetieres. 

The one brewed for 12 minutes was so bitter and nasty. The one brewed for 1 minute was a bit bland and the one brewed for 4 minutes was proper coffee :) Just like goldilocks

The length of time you brew coffee for releases different flavours from the beans and you want to brew it past the point when the sweet flavours are released but not all the bitter taste which comes from over brewing.

We then talked about different ways of brewing.

With a cafetiere (or any device) you should warm up the pot first. Swirl hot water round it and then pour it out so you don't cool down the water when you pour it into a cold pot.

With the V60 (the white china device below) you need to warm up the china pot then fit it with a kind of coffee filter.

You then put in your coffee (which is a less coarse grind than with a cafetiere) and swirl water round it so that when it drips through the filter it is brewed

Very technical

We all had a go ourselves

Pretty sure me and the boy won in terms of whose tasted best...just saying

We ground the beans fresh and then poured in 500g of water to 330g coffee

If you get the coarseness of the coffee right it should drip through in about three mins. If the coffee is too coarse it will go through too quickly and if the coffee is too fine it takes too long and you get those bitter flavours

Ours is in the middle...see clearly looks better than the others


Finally we used an aeropress... very complicated but very trendy in the coffee world apparently!

Its kind of like a massive syringe. You pop a filter in the bottom, put in a scoop of coffee and place it over your jug. You then pour in your water it brews and then you push the coffee out. Its rather satisfying to do and made the smoothest coffee.

When we left we each got a bag of coffee to take home.

I sent mine to my Daddy for him to use at home as I actually don't have any form of coffee machine at my house!

I'm considering an aeropress though...they are pretty cool!

My Dad buys beans in bulk and freezes them down which Katie said is ok to do, you just shouldn't freeze, defrost, refreeze loads of times! Who knew there was so much to learn about coffee!

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