Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Monday, 13 June 2016

I'm a massive Harry Potter geek...anyone who knows me knows that...and my Mummy is too!

She used to read me the books and even when I was perfectly capable of reading them myself I asked her to as she did good voices for the characters!

In 2011 we went to Harry Potter World at Universal

I've been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford twice but she's never for her Christmas present I got her tickets

Here are the two other times I went...hailing the Knight Bus and finding the Philosophers Stone!

 When I told my bestie Jess (blog here JessicaAnn) that I was going she said that she should bring her mummy too!

So we took a road trip there...with the naughty children in the back

I obvi bought my mates....

If you want to follow me on snapchat find me at @evhaworth ... expect a lot of cat snaps and makeup chat!

We arrived at the studios

Queued up...

Got Audio Guides

And then went in!

The tour starts with a video of Harry, Ron and Hermione welcoming you to the studios and then you enter the Great Hall

Leavesden Studios is where they filmed all the films so its really cool to be in the real sets.

I found my spot at the table


I'm sure the sorting hat would tell me the same but he was behind this rope!

We visited the Yule Ball

And found the Philosophers Stone again in the Mirror or Erised

We then headed off to Dumbledore's Study

And Snape's Potions Lab

I was obviously very interested in the cats... 

LOVE cats :)

The next section is all new so I hadn't seen these bits before which was fun!

The table at the Malfoy Manor

Borgin & Burks

Umbridge's Study

And then we went through to Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express

This section is all new too!

The train section is really cool and you get to go on the train and sit in the carriages too!

At this point theres a giftshop...

Jess found her doppleganger....

And I made a friend too

You can't come here and not have Butterbeer... 
Its soooo good...but the star of the show (which I didn't photograph because I was too distracted eating it) was the Mr Whippy style Butterbeer ice cream! I'd never had that before (I think its new) and it was soooo good

Outside of the studios you find the Knight Bus

Hagrid's motorcycle

And Privet Drive

This is genuinely one of my favourite pictures
Look at her naughty face!

We continued on inside and saw all the prosthetics and animals before going through Diagon Alley to reach...

Hogwarts itself!

The Mummys were very impressed!
As were never gets old!

If you haven't been to the Harry Potter Studios you should definitely take a trip there....or even if you have been before they keep adding new things so its always a fun day!

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