DIY Henna

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

When I was in India I had henna done...and it made me remember how much I loved henna last year!

I regularly did it myself and found it quite theraputic to take the time to do a design.

So when my Indian henna faded I did a new one in a design I actually liked (my one in India was done by an 11 year old and was pretttyyy messy)

I buy my henna from ebay ( link here )

And once I've done the design I put lemon juice or vix on it and then leave it for as long as possible before rubbing off the dried henna 

Its best if you leave it over night and sleep with a plastic bag over your hand so that it doesn't get on your sheets.

When you initially rub it off its an orange kind of colour.

And the next day it goes brown :)

I love henna and I hope I've inspired you to give it a go too! If you want to find some cool designs look at Chrisspy's Instagram!


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  2. Wow, so pretty, i love henna, ive never had it done like this but my auntie once attempted a cat on my foot.

    1. You should give it a go :) I love it for the summer. I practised on my feet for a while in case I messed it up, but now I'm better I've moved on to hands!

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  4. You're getting better at it! It looks really good :) xx

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