Be Brunch at The Century Club

Friday, 17 June 2016

A couple of weekends ago my friend Manish was celebrating his birthday...

So we all got tickets for Be Brunch (my friend Tom's new venture) and committed to a day drinking in the sun!

I wore my Quay Amanda sunnies...which I got so many compliments on...they're £25... Quay are just the best most reasonable sunnies and they have SO many cool styles

Fortunately the rain from the morning disappeared and the sun came out so I could actually use the sunnies

Here's the birthday boy!

And my fave vampire

Who knew I could carry so much in one hand!

I wore:
 Topshop Jamie ripped jeans
New Look Open toe boots from a million years ago
A white misguided tie side shirt
And my Michael Kors Black and Rose Gold bag

Oh and of course a ring

Because I was drowning in alcohol by this point

In fact I think we all were

After a few gin and tonics, a lot of vodka, a bottle of champagne and two bottles of wine we were well on our way!

Dancing in the sun and having an amazing time!

I had to prop myself up for a bit 

But still managed to pose up a storm

The brunch finished at 6 and we'd been there since 1

...I may or may not have embarrassed myself on the victoria line and my flatmate and I may or may not have confused the cat a lot when we got home

In bed by 10 and no hangover because of the 12 hours sleep I got... confusing but amazing!

The next Be Brunch is on the 25th June and you can buy tickets here!

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