Burberry Makeup Haul

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I was a very lucky girl and recently got some Burberry makeup!

So I thought I'd show you what I was given

Such prettyyyy packagingggg

Do you know how hard it was to photograph this without a bubble in the nail varnish...impossible!

The first item is this Lipstick called Lip Mist No. 217

This is basically a really sheer lipstick made up of very fine gold glitter. It looks really natural on and just looks like you have shiny lips rather than full on gold glitter so I like that!
Perfect for the summer glow trends that are happening at the moment. I like it paired with tanned glowing skin and a strong highlight!

The next item is this highlighting powder

Its the Golden Radiance Highlighter

This applies much lighter than it appears in the pan which is good but its quite metallic...It takes a bit of blending so it isn't my favourite highlight but I do like the colour

It comes with this big brush...which I initially thought was an odd shape to apply highlighter but it actually is quite soft and works really nicely to highlight the cheekbones and above your brow

The final item I think is my fave!

Its this nail varnish in the colour Nude Beige

This went on really smoothly just like my other Burberry Nail Varnishes and it only needed two coats

Love this colour!!

All the above products look so beautiful in my makeup room - Burberry definitely knows how to do packaging!

Have you tried any Burberry makeup? Comment below and let me know your favourite products!

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I recently won a Giveaway on Really Ree's blog so I thought I'd share with you what I won!

Its the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette!

The whole of the beauty blog/youtube world has been going wild for this palette and I totally get why!

Its been sold out recently so I'm not sure where you can get it in the UK which is total bummerrrr

Too Faced ship to the UK so maybe keep an eye on their website for when its restocked?

Just look at those colours

It has 18 shadows and they have shimmer, matte, light, dark, colour, nude...so many choices!

I'm loving using white peach as a matte brow highlight.

Peaches 'N Cream as an all over lid shade to set my lid before adding other shades

Luscious and Clobber as shimmery lid shades

and Caramelized as an outer lid shade to make more of a bronze smokey eye.

I'm obsessed

Puree and Summer Yum are amazing warm crease/transition colours

Bellini doesn't look as amazing in the pan as it does in person its a rose gold/pink/peachhh shade and its so pretty!

Delectable is an amazing deep purple to make a purple smokey eye

Peach Pit is perfect for the outer lid shade for a purple smokey eye

And Tempting and Talk Derby To Me are such pigmented dark shades!

Did I mention it smells like sweet delicious peaches

Merlin thought it smelt amazeeee

Here's a few swatches of the colours that stood out to me straight away
Left to Right
Delectable, Peach Pit, Bellini

Caramelized, Candid Peach, Just Peachy

Talk Derby To Me

When swatched on my arms they don't look that pigmented
Which is a bit odd...because on my eyes I actually found them really pigmented.

 I used a few shades to get a halo gold and purple eye on the day I got this

And used it on another occasion to do just a deep smokey purple eye

I've been using the peach shades daily so haven't really taken selfies before a day at the office...but they're equally beautiful. 

I do think the pinky peach copper shades will look lovely on blue eyes and I'm definitely going to use it on some of my blue eyed friends!

I haven't put it down since I got it, so thank you so much Really Ree!

Be Brunch at The Century Club

Friday, 17 June 2016

A couple of weekends ago my friend Manish was celebrating his birthday...

So we all got tickets for Be Brunch (my friend Tom's new venture) and committed to a day drinking in the sun!

I wore my Quay Amanda sunnies...which I got so many compliments on...they're £25... Quay are just the best most reasonable sunnies and they have SO many cool styles

Fortunately the rain from the morning disappeared and the sun came out so I could actually use the sunnies

Here's the birthday boy!

And my fave vampire

Who knew I could carry so much in one hand!

I wore:
 Topshop Jamie ripped jeans
New Look Open toe boots from a million years ago
A white misguided tie side shirt
And my Michael Kors Black and Rose Gold bag

Oh and of course a ring

Because I was drowning in alcohol by this point

In fact I think we all were

After a few gin and tonics, a lot of vodka, a bottle of champagne and two bottles of wine we were well on our way!

Dancing in the sun and having an amazing time!

I had to prop myself up for a bit 

But still managed to pose up a storm

The brunch finished at 6 and we'd been there since 1

...I may or may not have embarrassed myself on the victoria line and my flatmate and I may or may not have confused the cat a lot when we got home

In bed by 10 and no hangover because of the 12 hours sleep I got... confusing but amazing!

The next Be Brunch is on the 25th June and you can buy tickets here!

Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Monday, 13 June 2016

I'm a massive Harry Potter geek...anyone who knows me knows that...and my Mummy is too!

She used to read me the books and even when I was perfectly capable of reading them myself I asked her to as she did good voices for the characters!

In 2011 we went to Harry Potter World at Universal

I've been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford twice but she's never been...so for her Christmas present I got her tickets

Here are the two other times I went...hailing the Knight Bus and finding the Philosophers Stone!

 When I told my bestie Jess (blog here JessicaAnn) that I was going she said that she should bring her mummy too!

So we took a road trip there...with the naughty children in the back

I obvi bought my mates....

If you want to follow me on snapchat find me at @evhaworth ... expect a lot of cat snaps and makeup chat!

We arrived at the studios

Queued up...

Got Audio Guides

And then went in!

The tour starts with a video of Harry, Ron and Hermione welcoming you to the studios and then you enter the Great Hall

Leavesden Studios is where they filmed all the films so its really cool to be in the real sets.

I found my spot at the table


I'm sure the sorting hat would tell me the same but he was behind this rope!

We visited the Yule Ball

And found the Philosophers Stone again in the Mirror or Erised

We then headed off to Dumbledore's Study

And Snape's Potions Lab

I was obviously very interested in the cats... 

LOVE cats :)

The next section is all new so I hadn't seen these bits before which was fun!

The table at the Malfoy Manor

Borgin & Burks

Umbridge's Study

And then we went through to Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express

This section is all new too!

The train section is really cool and you get to go on the train and sit in the carriages too!

At this point theres a giftshop...

Jess found her doppleganger....

And I made a friend too

You can't come here and not have Butterbeer... 
Its soooo good...but the star of the show (which I didn't photograph because I was too distracted eating it) was the Mr Whippy style Butterbeer ice cream! I'd never had that before (I think its new) and it was soooo good

Outside of the studios you find the Knight Bus

Hagrid's motorcycle

And Privet Drive

This is genuinely one of my favourite pictures
Look at her naughty face!

We continued on inside and saw all the prosthetics and animals before going through Diagon Alley to reach...

Hogwarts itself!

The Mummys were very impressed!
As were we...it never gets old!

If you haven't been to the Harry Potter Studios you should definitely take a trip there....or even if you have been before they keep adding new things so its always a fun day!

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