India - La Cabana Beach Resort, Goa Days 5, 6 and 7

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

As you know if you've read my previous blog, we arrived in Goa at 2am.

There were two groups of us in Goa, our SuperMario Group from London and then a group of friends from Singapore and France.

After a deish indian buffet dinner/midnight snack most people went to bed...but a few of us stayed up and made friend with "the Frenchies" which is what I call them in my head!

Got to be sociable you know!

So we stayed up smoking shisha (which I look like a total geek doing as it makes me cough - not a natural smoker) and drinking.

The frenchies played us french rap music (coller la petite ... the holiday theme tune with a very inappropriate dance routine) and we showed them how good we are at rapping Tinie Tempah!

The frenchies also introduced us to DooDoos....

They're as gross as they sound - on this night they were the least aggressive version (read on for the more aggressive version!). These ones were vodka, lime juice and a considerable amount of tabasco.

It certainly woke us up and at 5am it started getting a bit lighter.

We figured we might as well stay up for it to get light and my tiredness was gone so I thought perhaps we should just stay up and go straight to the beach.

This idea was vetoed though (probs for the best) and we got three hours sleep

Before getting up to enjoy the sun and coconuts!

We spent the day lying on the beach and by the pool

There were a lot of women and children on the beach who wanted to give you massages or pedicures and henna.

They were really cheap and we did get a couple of massages and I got some henna done (see above)...but it got a bit annoying to be harassed all the time!

So the pool was the better option!

That night, feeling a bit more tanned than we had when we arrived, we headed out to dinner with the whole squad

Rebecca and I tried a local drink before we went called Feni...which shall be from here on in called Fanny

This is a liquor made in Goa which isn't allowed to be sold outside of Goa. Its about 45% and made from cashew or coconut! You drink it with some weird cloudy lemonade and it literally tastes like Cif lemon bathroom cleaner.

Not that I know what that tastes like...but it was not pleasant!

After dinner at La Plage restaurant (one of the most famous restaurants in Goa) we went back to our hotel next door for some drinks in the bar and a dip in the pool.

This is one of my favourite dresses which I never get to wear in London!

I actually got it from ebay 2 years ago so I'm afraid I don't have a link.

We spent the morning of the next day lying on the beach...

and being harassed again.

Not going to lie I did enjoy my footmassage though!

We spent the afternoon by the pool 

and enjoyed dinner at La Plage again

Before having a night time pool party

Our friend Anurag taught us some bollywood dancing 

And then the aggrssive version of DooDoo's came out!

Vodka, Lime, loads of Tabasco and OLIVE TAPENADE

Who on earth thought that was a good combination.

Chunks of olive were floating in the shot glass and I had to gag over the grass and stop myself vomming.

Because of the amount of Tabasco the burn in my throat did not disappear for quite a time!

One of the vilest things I've drunk... possibly ever!

The next morning it was time to leave paradise

I feel like we stayed too shortatime

But the North of India and the Taj Mahal was calling us!

Stay tuned for my next blog to find out what we did in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur!

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