India - Jaipur, The Final Day

Saturday, 14 May 2016

We woke up on our final day in India and repacked our backpacks for the last time

Our hotel was so beautiful and it was such a shame to leave it and not get to really enjoy it

I would have liked a day by this pool!

We set off to see a bit of Jaipur and started at the Amber Fort

Travis put on his party hat

And we went to meet our taxis

These beautifulllll elephants!

This was the bit of the trip I'd looked forward to most I think when I read the itinerary. I love elephants

We picked the prettiest painted girl elephant

And rode up to the fort

A pretty impressive view from the elephants back

This palace/fort was built in 967AD ... A seriously long time ago

There were a few questions about whether it is mean to ride the elephants up to the fort and whether they are treated well.

Apparently they only go up and down the fort three times per day and then they're allowed back to their pen and they're led down to the lake to bath at the end of the day

A few of the elephants had a kind of earring hole in their ears but our guide said that this was from before PETA got involved and that the elephants used to be mistreated...

This place is run by the Government so I think I believe them that they treat the elephants right.

The fort was pretty impressive... Apparently in 1876 Queen Victoria visited the Fort so the Maharajah painted the city pink to welcome her 

Whilst at the fort a local news station asked if they could interview us to encourage tourism to Rajasthan

2nd interview of the holiday #famous

The fort is huge with so many tunnels and doorways leading to different sections.

This area is where the Maharajah used to get it on with all his concubines

Good on the Maharajah!

One of the most beautiful bits of the Palace is this Sheesh Mahal which is the mirror palace

My kind of place!

Our next stop was the City Palace

The City Palace used to be the Maharajah's home. 

Part of it still is his home (although apparently he's at uni in London- hes only 18!) but part of it is also a museum and can be rented out for weddings

They were setting up a wedding when we went and it looked like it would be pretty spectacular

I really really want to go to an Indian Wedding.... I Am Aneesha get on it!!

After the City Palace it was time to head to the airport and fly from Jaipur to Mumbai...

And Mumbai to the UK

To be greeted with a temperature of 4 degrees...

Very different to the 40 degrees in Jaipur!

I hope you enjoyed these blogs on my trip to Indai - Travel blogs are my favourite as I love to look back on them! 

My next trip is Vegas in August...if you want to read my last Vegas blogs you can find them here

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