India - Delhi, Day 8

Thursday, 5 May 2016

We arrived in Delhi in the afternoon and headed straight to the hotel...unfortunately there was a hell of a lot of traffic so by the time we got there it was about 9pm

And we were starving!

We stayed in the Maidens hotel in Delhi and it was SO beautiful

It was established in 1903 and was one of the first hotels in Delhi. In 1994 it was made a heritage hotel.

It feels like stepping back in time..

We had dinner in the Curzon Room and the food was seriously good - definitely worth a visit!

Our hotel room was huge with a bathroom the size of my bedroom at home! Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long and had to be up early to see Delhi!

The first stop ... the red fort

This was the residence of the Mughal emperor for 200 years! From 1657 onwards
My brain can't even fathom how long ago that is...

We didn't go inside as we were pushed for time but we took some photos outside

And then headed on to Jama Masjid...

Via tuktuk!

To get to the mosque we walked through the back streets and got to see a bit of real Delhi

There were loads of people cooking food outside their houses and stalls because it was the end of a 9 day fast so everyone makes food to give out free to everyone in the city!

I thought that was really nice

We reached Jama Masjid and were given robes to wear inside to be respectful

This is the largest mosque in India and was built in 1656

Little bit of history for you there you lucky things!

It was such a beautiful warm day and the mosque looked gorgeous under the sun

I just find it so satisfying to walk around barefoot.

You have to leave your shoes at the front of the mosque and you pay the chap there about a pound (I think) to look after them for you. So take small notes if you go...I doubt he'd give you change for 1000...

Our next stop was Qutb Minar which is a 72.5m high minaret made of red sandstone

Apparently its the tallest brick building in the world

You used to be allowed to walk up some stairs to the top but 35 years ago 45 children died in a stampede inside the tower! Probably best that its closed to the public!

The buildings surrounding the tower are just as beautiful as the tower itself...

They're so intricate

And you might even find some salsa dancers hiding in them!

These arches are the remains of the first mosque built in Delhi after the Islamic conquest of India and construction started on it in 1193AD! Again something I can't get my mind round!

At this point we all went for lunch and met up with Anurag and some of his friends.

Before piling back into the bus for the four hour drive to Agra

We fitted so much into this trip and our tour guide Solanki was amazing. He gave us so much additional information and answered any questions we had.

Plus he was great fun! We used the company Gets Holidays

That evening we arrived in our hotel in Agra.

We stayed in the ITC Mughal and it was absolutely beautiful!!

Again we only got to stay for a short time which was a shame :(

That night we went out for dinner at Bon Barbecue - the third best restaurant in Agra according to Trip Advisor

And it really was great!

For about £7 they brought out as much as you could eat of different types of kebabs that were kept hot over coals on your table 

And then there was a whole indian buffet too

I got so full on the different skewers that I didn't even touch the buffet.

SUCH a bargain and incredible food.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for cocktails

We had to be up at 4.45 the next day to leave to see sunrise at the Taj Mahal....but I can never resist a cocktail!

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